Starling Trash iOS UX

(Jim) #21

The problem Starling have is similar to everyone else that needs access to other settings. I personally think Starling should it like Revolut with a “More” tab at the bottom rather than have both tabs and a hamburger. You may (or may not) find this an interesting read on the hamburger menu vs tab bar approach -

(Liam) #22

It has to be said that I am not a fan of tabs in mobile UI design. It feels very wasteful of precious real estate.

I appreciate that things can get hard to find if your hamburger menu is poorly designed, but I feel it just works better.


I was really excited when the marketplace started in the app. This unfortunately has wained & wained to the point where I click on it in hope that some miracle has happened & all the sections are with plentiful 3rd parties.
I know Monzo got a bit of flack for partnering with Octopus energy & pushing it through the app - but at least it’s relevant to customers.
I’ve looked at all the companies that come up in the marketplace & not one can / would use. Perhaps being nearly 40 & living in the north west of England I’m not in the target market for this area of the app?


I would like the marketplace to have at least a couple of providers in each.

If you go to customer service and ask them to work on the marketplace(specify what kind of stuff you want too!) it’ll bump it up priority wise! Don’t hesitate to give a lot of suggestions.


I was going to start a topic on the marketplace because I was wondering what has happened to it. It seems to have been forgotten and I haven’t seen it mentioned really.


They’re still continuing it from what the support told me, they have no plans to launch premium products though.


They were indicating that there would be 40 marketplace partners around the end of last year. I think it’s a great idea, but yet again the joint account doesn’t even get some of the current partners.

(Andrew Buckland) #28

In the main the marketplace is limited, is bottom percentile products and much better are available.

It was a good idea, but in practice it hasn’t worked hence why it hasn’t taken off either for the consumer or provider. I’d be inclined to remove it.

Onedox is the only one I use and of course that is available stand alone.


I only use Flux, already had a Onedox account set up before they arrived on the Marketplace.

I find it rather pointless, especially half of them aren’t available for joint accounts.