Starling TV advert


So they’ve put out an ad?



There must be more planned for today than an advert. The way they’ve been hyping and dropping hints.

Big Monday announcement? So no euro card tv ad instead ?

It’s not bad or anything, just not something that stirred the blood in my veins, same as with their last one. Guess they have their demographic to hit. Genuinely much preferred the Monzo adverts, even leaving beside I’m now only a customer of one of them

It’s all subjective - I couldn’t stand the Monzo ads, I think mainly because of the 24/7 support claim whilst the forum was full of people complaining at the waiting times!

So they bought ice creams with their business card? Seems weird. I’d probably get told off for doing that!

It was a personal card - teal.

Apologies, mine is the purple (original) and I confused the colors.

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Depends if the ice cream was for a client or market research or any other genuine business expense. Although on this occasion it was a personal card.

I thought it was quite classy, and actually reminded me a bit of the Virgin Atlantic advert which used Feeling Good as well.


Is the advert a precursor to a new app feature or is it just the advert?

Btw has anyone seen the ads on YouTube? I saw them last night (after midnight)

@Graham I think it’s just there new ad/campaign thing

Oh…ok :smirk:. Was hoping for something new.

But that aside, it’s a nice eye-opener for potential new customers.

Yeah I assume this will help them get to 1 million that they were looking to get Bt the end of the year.

As others said, I was kind of hoping for a bit more considering the hype they were giving it on social media :roll_eyes:

It’s been quite a disappointment this year really. Credit card seemingly kicked way into the long grass, no real sign of cheque imaging, still no word from the poor guy at Starling who was looking into usage of the green button on Android.

…and still that bloody useless circle thing that gets in the way of the transaction list / statement

Especially as - if you already follow them on social media - you probably don’t need to be advertised to!

The ad was on TV during Bake Off. I really do like the ad, it’s very classy and very Starling. Not full of guff like Monzo’s and it’s not cringeworthy. They should be applauded for this and I hope it really helps them to reach out to more people.


Consistent anyway

I liked Monzo’s adverts and found them snappy, to the point, and not remotely worthy of cringe, whereas both of these are a bit dull if you ask me

Not sure why you felt the need to bring them up, not once but twice, in the context of Starling though. It’s not really a competition

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