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Text book poor response. Good job @danmullen was there to provide the answer. Would it not have been easier for Starling to actually answer the question? The vagueness and “keep your eyes peeled” stock responses are beginning to make them appear really unhelpful. They can do so much better than this. They have some great people working their social channels - Logan, Callum, James with great personalities. They should be showing this side of the company, rather than copy and paste stock responses.


I get the feeling that all forms of CS are being directed to the in app CS team (even something as trivial as this).

On the one hand, it stops misinformation, or poorly worded responses (which I’ve seen from other banks).

But then, a simple question is met with a poor answer like in this case.

I don’t necessarily think one way is better than the other.

But then again… I have splinters from sitting on this fence, so maybe I’m not the right person to comment :joy:

Well done @danmullen - Good “Starling sense” there!


I was laughing when I saw that on twitter, awkward! :joy:


Ollie is mainly doing Social now, I’m not sure if Callum’s just CS or if he’s moved to another role since he was all about bugs before, James was meant to be doing one day a week still with Starling, I’m not sure how that works though as he can’t do much with one day, and Logan’s in a different part of the business now (:eyes:.)

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Maybe it’s time @anon78877288 let himself be known and filled the gaps?

@anon4616356 what’s Logan’s role nowadays? He was a great guy. Super helpful and always the professional. Oh ballbags… forgot about wee Ollie!

I was totally baffled as to why they didn’t just answer the question!

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Especially considering it was a very simple question that needed a very simple answer.

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They could just use a bot with some of the stock responses they put out. I think some bots actually have a bit more personality.

My response now to “we’ll pass it on to the team” is going to be “great, let me know what they say then”.


I look forward to Ollie getting in to work after a heavy night, reading that, and in a moment of semi drunk brain fog looking at the reply back from the team and typing it into twitter word for word “We say F!ck you. F!ck YOU.” and all hell breaking loose as someone deletes the twitter account.

They’ve got form from the community days with the adding fuel to the fire comment :joy:.

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For those of us that were involved with the old Starling forum, this is the end of an era…