Starling US Dollar account and Business Toolkit released

Looks like this is here, along with a US $ account as well.

The US account is apparently a full US bank account. Costs £5 a month, it’s not clear though if it’s currently just a business account, it seems to be for the moment. (It’s business only, no confirmation of a personal option any time soon)

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What does the business toolkit actually contain? If it can do the accounts for you I’d be very interested tbh

tax estimation only for sole traders, tsk

I currently use Transferwise for my US payments, I would like it all in Starling, but I’m a cheapskate, £60 a year just doesn’t appeal to me when its free with Transferwise, however if I did not use Transferwise and this came along, I would be more than happy with it.

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I’ve been hoping for a USD account from Starling for a while, though not a business account. Hopefully the £5/month fee for business customers won’t apply if/when this is rolled out to personal accounts.


The business toolkit does VAT as well, now that changes my view of it! VAT is so damn annoying lol

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So I’ve signed up for the toolkit, its actually quite good, works out my self assessment and my VAT for me, but only if tagging transactions is right, something I’ve been putting off doing, but I shall do from now on. At first glance its worth the £7 a month, but I have three months to try it for free, so I shall do that.


I will have to make a large purchase for business in $$ in next few weeks/months, just wondering if having one of these USD accounts alongside my regular UK business account will have any advantage or cost saving for the purchase? cheers.

You can already make purchases with your Starling Business debit card at the MasterCard exchange rate with no additional fees. You can also send foreign currency from your Starling account with a competitive FX rate. The USD account is probably more useful if you need to receive or hold USD.