Starling user interface

Ever since I got a Starling Bank account I’ve found the Pie chart thing to be largely useless.

It dominates a huge portion of the screen and is there by default every time I open the app. Not only is it useless, it’s completely pointless in telling me no information if there are no transactions on a particular day.

To me, this has been an annoyance and Starling never went with my suggestion of a toggle that the user could use to turn it off and get straight to the transaction list.

What I had considered, however, is that this pointless screen might actually be causing confusion to some users.

For a couple of months we’ve been using Starling as one of our joint accounts. It was only yesterday my wife said she just wanted to see a transaction list. This screen was an obstacle and she’d not seen the tiny chevron to press to reveal the information she’d expected to see by default in the app.


I also never saw the point of it really. It’s nice to have if you can customise it but realistically the first thing I want to see when I log into the app is a list of accounts (where there are multiple accounts) and then a list of transactions


Exactly that! :+1:


Useless for me too, agree with you both. Often it just shows me… transferring to another account I own…


What they really need is a big green button - right @danmullen? :wink:

But in all seriousness, a better option for me would be a monthly view, especially on the business account.


I have to admit (I don’t use the account much) I never knew how to see the transactions list until I read @Johnny post…

I also agree with @Parker that a monthly view would be much more useful, at least an option to choose daily or monthly.


The whole home and spending parts of the app are in serious need of an overhaul. Custom categories should have been the first, especially once the business accounts were launched. ‘Holiday’, ‘Pets’ are examples of categories that just have no relevance to those customers.
The home pie chart thingy is good for a glance, but has no other purpose. There should be monthly views, forecasting and budgeting tools. The app could be so much better and more useful. It’s good but it could be great.
@danmullen didn’t you spot an error in how that pie chart reports ages ago and report it to Starling? Something to do with the figures not adding up? Was it ever fixed?

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There was disagreement over whether there was an error, some of us said it was accounted properly and some said it wasn’t.

I really like the pulse - the only change I would like to see would be the ability to switch between daily, weekly and monthly.

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There is an error on the spending tab leading to a discrepancy between category and merchant reported spend. If I remember rightly it was when you spent money somewhere but also had income from the same “merchant”/individual.

On the Pulse, it displays a category named “Other” when it gets too busy, so as not to make it difficult to read. However, multiple transactions to the same merchant are treated separately, e.g. four payments to Wealthify appear as one “Wealthify” part of the pie along with “Other” that contains the total of the other three transactions. I told them they should group transactions by merchant before displaying on the Pulse. This would solve the issue but they never did it.

On the business account web portal, they show a monthly view on the Pulse. If this was extended to the app it would be much more useful. They did at one time plan to allow the user to tap to change views between daily, weekly and monthly. They even produced some prototype screenshots. Unfortunately this was canned.

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Starling seem to be slowly revamping each “screen” of their app one by one. Rather than applying incremental improvements across the whole app.

A while back they completely re-did the “Card” screen, recently they made significant changes to the “Payments” screen (including the payee payment flows within it).

I believe they also revamped the menu at one point.

So I’m guessing that it will probably be the “Spending” screen which gets a revamp next. As I think they’ve teased the fact that they are working on improved budgeting features. I’d be surprised if they didn’t address Dan’s reported spending total discrepency at this point too.

Maybe after that they’ll look at revamping the “Home” screen. So I’m guessing this is the point at which they will improve/remove the pulse and we’ll probably also see some improvements to how/where transactions are listed.


It’s pretty rubbish though - I get ‘pay’ lozenges next to the first few people on my Payments screen, then the buttons disappear after a fraction of a second. Clicking on ‘Recent’ adds the lozenges, clicking back on ‘A to Z’ removes them.

Does anyone know why some of the icons next to my payments are purple, some are mid green, and some light green?

Weird. Sounds like the “pay” buttons briefly displaying is a bug, not seen it though, I’m on iOS, are you on Android?

The “Pay” buttons should only appear when you are in “Recent” view, as if you have multiple accounts for a payee, the “Pay” button is a shortcut to pay them again using the same payee account you paid last time. This is why they don’t appear at all in the A-Z screen.

Can’t help you with that, I have photos for all my payees!

iOS - they only appear for the top 3 in my A-Z list, then disappear after 0.5s. Have done on multiple phones and iOS versions!

Ah, yes, I see it now. I just keep it on “Recent” all the time which is probably why I’d not noticed it before. And it only appears for one of my payees, probably because the others at the top of the A-Z list haven’t had any recent payments sent to them. I’ll report the bug.

Here’s a good example of the Pulse issue I described earlier:

A few more transactions will see the two £18 Three transactions moved to “Other”, with a single transaction to Three for £20 remaining visible.

By grouping by merchant, I’d see a single entry for Three with a total of £56. As it’s meant to be a breakdown of your spending by merchant, surely this is the correct way to do it? It would also mean they don’t need to show “Other” as often as there will be less pieces of the pie.


The pulse is the worse thing, it is of no use to me, I can’t see what I spend some days because it breaks everything down individually.

For example I buy 10 items on Aliexpress, it shows 10 different payments on the pulse, that is absolutely no use to me. I buy 5 from Amazon it shows 5 on the pulse. So I have 15 bits showing but can’t read any, because its too small. I showed screenshots when Starling had a forum of how unusable it was for me, and they have made absolutely no changes to make it usable.


It’s funny. If Starling ever did a pie chart poll, it would really emphasize the problem.


Correct Implementation?

Am I right in thinking this is the desired outcome? If so, I have tweeted Starling once again. I doubt it’ll get any wheels turning but it’s worth another shot.


Yep I’ve only spent 4 times today and already its looking tacky