Starling Web Portal Confirmed

(James Cocker) #1

In relation today’s news on the £100m funding Starling has won, here’s an interesting tidbit in Starling’s statement:

Starling understands that many SMEs want to manage their banking online as well as through mobile applications and to support this, it will launch its web portal in Q3 2019



If they bring this to personal accounts, my N26 account is going in the bin :smiley:

(Don't Bullshirt Me, I know what the Fork is going on here!) #3

Realistically once they have this I can move my business account fully from Metro to Starling because my FD will be able to access the account


I’ll let them off because you can still access a browser on a mobile device :joy:

(Liam) #5

Good stuff - finally a recognition of what was obvious from the start.

I’d say that they are demonstrating that they want to be taken as a serious banking proposition.


A bit slow of them, I bet they was trying really not to launch a web portal, as it goes against everything they are. ie mobile only. However in this day and age a web portal is important for lots of things, you can’t manage a busy business all from your mobile you have to use other sites to access your data, which defeats the object. I struggle using Starling for my tax returns, its not that simple to see and access from a mobile screen, no matter how much I want it to be.


Desktops are in decline though…

Most people do things on mobile and tablets.

Starling has been right all along. They never made any effort with cheques, cash, branches and a web portal because they are all in decline. They’ve only bothered now to pay attention to these things because they were nagged to death by a minority.

I can maybe understand a business needing these things but it’s not right to say a mobile only option is not viable. It’s perfectly viable for me and I imagine the majority of their customers.

(Tom) #8

I’d agree with you for personal accounts, but for business accounts, having a web portal is a big plus.


For my personal account, I absolutely agree, for my business account mobile only does not work.

(Don't Bullshirt Me, I know what the Fork is going on here!) #10

I agree but sadly in businesses haven’t got there. For example I work with a customer who prints emails, gets someone to sign them, scans them and reuploads them.

It’s very difficult to get this kind of change through existing small businesses. New companies of course are a different story

(Derpa Derp) #11

I’ve always wondered how Monzo think that just having a business account via mobile only is acceptable I mean suppsse you have more than one person in the accounts department, how is that supposed to work out?

(Liam) #12

Which is why they’re developing this for business and not you…
You’re a man - not a business.

Most things are moving to be platform neutral, rather than being browser-first or mobile-first.

Platform neutral is the right way to go. Let your customers decide how they want to avail themselves of your services.

(Marcel Ruhf) #13

I agree - hopefully that’s something the trial participants will make clear to them.

(sam) #14

I just exported the statement into Excel?
A web portal is a welcome feature though

(James Cocker) #15

There a few other interesting bits in that statement (emphasis mine):

Starling will build a full suite of 52 digital banking products…

“52”, that’s pretty precise!

Examples include flexible deposit accounts, multiuser card functionality, instant invoicing, VAT management, advanced invoice financing, smart FX, supply chain finance using blockchain based technology and secured business lending.

I hope it’s developed in a way that stays out of your way if you don’t need it.

Starling will launch ‘My Financials’, an AI-based predictive tool showing cash-flow forecasting

I know they’ve talked about AI in the past, but Starling’s tool seems to now have a name! Sounds pretty cool, will be interesting to see how it works in practice.

Metro, Starling and ClearBank share £280m of RBS funding
(Dan) #16

Yep. Anne said we’d hear more about AI in February. The clock ticks!

(Ashley Quint) #17

That might be the case for a personal account, when when you are making bulk payments in a business the current way of doing that through an app is painful.

(Ashley Quint) #18

You also have the PWA movement, which Google hoping will be the app platform for Fuschia (the replacement for Android and Chrome OS). Both Microsoft and Apple (although reluctantly) are also backing PWA’s.

They want the future to be write once - run everywhere.

So yes, web is important, as the web is likely to end up being the app.

(Jai Sullivan) #19

I didn’t realise this was happening! I agree that desktop/online banking is on the decline but I’d love a half decent web interface, albeit only to use from time to time.


Ironic to see Starling post this given that my Starling account is the only bank account I have that I can’t access from the web