Starling Web Portal Confirmed


I can absolutely see why people need to access their accounts using web portals, but since I joined Starling, I can see myself that I don’t personally need to access my account using a web portal. I still occasionally access my main joint Nationwide account using their portal but more often than not, I use their mobile app as I find accessing the web portal a bit of a PITA.

(Ashley Quint) #22

I think there is more of a business demand for a web portal - especially in larger multi-director businesses.


I can’t run my sole trader correctly with just a mobile app, no matter how I try, it just makes it complicated, and I don’t like complicated, so I’m looking forward to a web portal, and once we have a web portal I will consider moving one of my limited companies over.

(sam) #24

What issue are you finding with the app?


It would take me an hour to explain, it’s just not suitable for my need.


One thing I’ve learned in life is that if a problem is so complex and so difficult that it can’t be explained…

…it really isnt

(Adrian) #27

To be honest, even for my personal banking I probably wouldn’t consider using an app-only bank for my ‘main’ account - sometimes I just prefer a bigger screen.


Being able to split screen while doing your tax return is such a simple thing, but saves so much time, just one example of how a web portal helps. You can copy figures over.

(sam) #29

I just exported to a spreadsheet, then split the screen.
I’ve done this for years, even with my old banks that had web portals as it was easier and it was annoying to keep logging in


That’s why I didn’t bother explaining why it does not work for me, everyone has a solution to every problem, however it does not change the fact it makes it complicated, long winded and does not work for me. I quoted one example of why it doesn’t work for me, there are a number of different reasons, and yes each has a solution.

(Adrian) #31

Do we know whether this is just going to be for the business accounts or if it will be available for personal ones too?


I’d love a proper web portal and it would be a strong argument for me to consider reopening a Starling account.

Monzo’s emergency web interface is currently far too basic; I simply require a method of moving money out or from pots in case I loose or break my phone. (Also live chat with COPs would be a nice touch too.)

I can understand the security side of it; I us two factor authentication on my email already and I’m wondering if an on screen keypad asking for my card PIN would work, much as it does in app?


I asked about that, was told initially business, but they expect it to be for all accounts as quick as possible afterwards.

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I would hope that former Gurus who actually close their account would be subject to at least a 5 year ban, 10 if they have an open Monzo account. 20 if in between closing their account and today evidence can be found of them badmouthing starling while having a Monzo account open.

(DΛVΞ) #35

Perhaps even repossess their socks?


I’m actually very happy with my Monzo account; I just fear one day loosing or having my phone malfunction. :stuck_out_tongue:


I can definitely see need for a web portal for consumers - for the past 10 days, the Starling app has not worked for owners of Xiaomi phones (one of the largest phone manufacturers in the world) due to a software update.

Asking Starling if its possible to carry out a transaction any other way while the app was not working resulted in a ‘No’.

Its only today that Starling have finally released an app update so its now working again with Xiaomi phones.

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I did see something about this. Could you, or someone, expand on what happened?

(Adrian) #39

Exactly, and being app-only locks you in to the operating systems Starling support.

Not so bad right now, as if you’re getting a smart phone it will be Android or iOS - but who knows what will happen? There could be a different OS that becomes popular in the next 5-10 years and you’re stuck until Starling decides to release an app for it.

I remember when I had a Windows Phone - obviously I stuggled for apps generally, including banking ones - but it wasn’t a problem as I was able to use the banks web portals.


The Starling app would just crash each time you tried to launch it after Xiaomi updated all their phones to their latest Global Rom/firmware

I think it may have been a bug in how Starling tried to do fingerprint authentication. It didn’t affect any other apps on the phone (including other fintech ones).

10 days is a very long time for Starling to rollout a fix - especially with no alternative method of accessing an account.