Starling-What's Next?

Let’s hope it’s better than the last ones!

It is doesn’t say Euro cards, I’m not interested, I’m off to Europe next week for 3 months, so wan’t Euro cards!

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Ten ten ten

“Want” perhaps?

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High Level from Video

Cheque Imaging- Coming but no definite timeframe
Budgeting Tools- Business Customers first so not soon
Pay from Goals- No but something else coming
Joint Account Card Colour - Working on it!
Customising Notifications- Work on it but will be 2020
More than 1 current account- Good idea- watch this space

Pleased with cheque imaging and will be interesting to see there take on paying from pots- whatever that may be.


Hmm. So no automatic paying of bills from goals, but “something better” is promised. :thinking:

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It’s interesting as paying bills from separate pots or accounts is a budgeting function, and one that’s tied to a specific type of budgeting to physically separate all your cash. To be honest I’m of the mind that technology is advanced enough that you shouldn’t have to separate your money like that, your bank should just be smart enough to know that money needs to be held for bills without physically moving it and make that obvious to you.

It would be interesting to see what Starling are considering down those lines, as Monzo went a very traditional old bank route with physically separating your money into what is effectively separate accounts.

I’m pleased they are actively working on digital cheque imaging. Interesting this is being developed in Southampton - did they move all dev there?


They will probably develop it for business so they can use their grant to pay for it and release it to personal customers later. Which would explain Southampton as I think that’s the home for Starling business now (I could be wrong though)

In fact I wouldn’t be surprised if this is how more and more major features get developed now


It’s how I would do it, if I were Anne.

She’s given up a large amount of equity already - if she can make RBS pay for features I don’t see why she wouldn’t!

I think you should be able to switch on a YNAB style feature that allows you to budget your money by ‘ring fencing’ that budget for which you allocate it. This means any leftover amounts will show as a balance once everything has been covered.


I think the problem is this is a huge feature. Monzo have very basic budgeting in comparison and very much a traditional style of budgeting that people have done with banks for years.

I’m not sure if a bank is the right place to do it or not… maybe. But I would expect to probably pay for it.

I bet they just start offering multiple personal accounts for budgeting instead. Much more powerful than pots, IMO, and minimum work and/or development they’ve more or less already done.


Also a lot more expensive to run multiple accounts as opposed to one though :wink:

Has anyone quantified the extra cost?

Same KYC, same credit checks… If the extra cost is just the server capacity, it can’t be that much


I loathe these videos so much, the quick vague answers just aren’t for me :upside_down_face:

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I think it’s fairly obvious that these are fairly quick fire quick answer here’s where we’re at here’s where we’re going vídeos designed for social media and quick sound bites.

There’s nothing wrong with that, but I think I’m in the same camp as you in that I do like long form conversation and more in-depth discussion on what’s happening and where things are going.

I think these videos are fine, there made for a specific audience and purpose. But I think starling are missing out on the people who do like a bit more substance. You see it more these days with three hour long joe rogan podcasts, people are very open to much longer interaction and media. Few business have caught on to that yet.


It’s nice that we get something but I agree, the responses are always little nuggets of answers. Teasers. It’s not the next big cinematic release! It’s always “Watch this space” or “We’re not doing what you want, but something better instead”. Nothing wrong with a few details. Then again, I guess it’s like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory…they don’t want old Slugsworth Monzo Pants getting their hands on the new innovations.


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The irony.


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