Starling Xero Integration

(sam) #1

Looks like there may be an announcement at Xerocon next week from Starling. Surely that can only be one thing?
It seems that while we have been moaning about a lack of app updates a lot has been happening with the back end and API.

(James Cocker) #2

I’m hoping that FreeAgent support and proper business categories are launched at the same time. Would explain why such a simple thing such as replacing the “Pets” and “Holidays” categories with something suitable for businesses hasn’t been addressed yet.

(sam) #3

Is anyone attending xerocon tomorrow? Starling are exhibiting. Doesn’t make sense to be there without an integration :thinking:

(Tom) #4

Does Xero use Yodlee to do its bank account integration? I know FreeAgent does

(Don't Bullshirt Me, I know what the Fork is going on here!) #5

I think they use their own and Yodlee.

With Metro Bank we had to enable integration inside online banking before adding it in Xero. After than adding it in Xero was just a case of telling Xero to link to our account number.

Metro Bank charge £1 per account to enable Xero access so I guess Xero work with some banks own API’s


(Tom) #7

*cough* FreeAgent announcement soon, please *cough*

EDIT: Just seen that Starling are at The Business Show today/tomorrow, too, so guessing any announcement would be tomorrow so as not to overshadow the Xero one.

On a side note, wow, Xero is expensive!

(James Cocker) #8

Yeh, fingers crossed. I was expecting a FreeAgent announcement too, as I got the impression from past announcments that Xero and FreeAgent integration would come at the same time. Hopefully tomorrow, as you say.

(Tom) #9

All I can think is that as they’re at Xerocon today, they wanted to focus on the Xero integration, which is fair enough.

(James Cocker) #10


Any word on how realtime the feed will be? Will it only update once per day? Or will new transactions instantly appear in Xero/FreeAgent?

(Tom) #11

My current bank/FreeAgent connection seems to automatically refresh a couple of times a day, but you can also prompt it to update manually.

(James Cocker) #12

Oh cool. What bank is that?

NatWest via Yodlee used to always be about 3 days behind, after switching to the newer direct feed it now updates once per day at about 1am, can’t see an option to initiate a manual update though.

Realtime would be cool. Would be nice to impress clients with an instant, automatic “Thank you” e-mail on invoice payments.

(Tom) #13

I’m with Lloyds :+1:

I get an Import button?

(James Cocker) #14

Oh cool. Not with NatWest. :frowning_face:

Oh well, will prob be CASSing from NatWest to Starling for my business account once FreeAgent support and proper business categories are there.


Sorry to disappoint…

The key bit for business users is:

“With partners like Xero, Growth Street, Funding Options, Nimbla and Zego, we are now able to offer small businesses the efficiency, flexibility, support and security that can help them thrive. This is what banking should be about, and this is why Starling was founded - to put financial control back into the hands of businesses and consumers.”

(Tom) #16

I’m going to hope that these are Partnerships, which may be different in support/integration of other services.

If there’s no FreeAgent support, after all their teasing that there will be, I’m not going to be impressed.

(James Cocker) #17

(Feff) #18

Now all we need is Quickfile and Quickbooks to join the ranks and I think that’s most SMEs covered in the UK, hehe.

(Liam) #19

Quickfile would be a good one for me.


QuickFile are ready and waiting for Starling. Not sure why the delay on Starling’s end, but possibly they want to get Xero and FreeAgent out first?