Starling Xero Integration

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It would make sense, they’re the big names that would draw a lot of bigger businesses over to Starling. Over on the QF forums I think they said they were just waiting to get approved as an app. Hopefully it won’t be too long though…

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Alll sounds positive for business integration.


All you business guys and your bookkeeping. The only thing that scares me about registering a business is accidentally misreporting the books and getting locked up for it :sob:


For those that use Xero, is the Starling integration instant or does it still only take into account settled transactions which means it takes days for them to appear?

I noticed that in FreeAgent their existing integrations say it can take up to 72 hours for transactions to come through (and it’s only refreshed every 24 hours) so I wonder if the situation is the same with Xero or if they did something more modern.

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Megan did say instant i think.


If this is true and works well it’s definitely a huge plus not just for Starling but for Xero as a whole; if my accounting firm didn’t use FreeAgent exclusively I would’ve definitely switched.

I know FreeAgent for example has no concept of pending card transactions, so technically this wouldn’t be possible with them just yet. I personally work around it by creating transactions immediately and creating an opposing transaction if the original one ends up not being settled (card checks, etc). It balances out in the end so seems to be fine for tax purposes but definitely a hack.

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That’s disappointing, after all their teases it was about to launch immediately :roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

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That might be more FreeAgent needing to test rather than Starling though…


It looks like this feed is live for all business accounts now :+1:

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Has anyone used it? How is it?

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i’ve just integrated it.

TBH the integration process isn’t smooth (lots of clicking back and forth) but once you’ve authenticated it nicely gives you the option to link to existing account in Xero or create a new one.

Only reason to mention that last part is that when you integrate with Metro Bank if the account names don’t match precisely the integration fails

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Would be interested in your thoughts in a few days once it’s had some data to import :+1: Any idea how Goals are handled?

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none I’m afraid

I’ll push some money between Metro, Starling and Starling pots and see what happens

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Thanks! :+1: :smiley:

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Still no news for Freeagent integration I presume?

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Meh. 2019. That could be anytime lol. Time to use their API to upload csv to Freeagent.

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I’d expect it to be pretty early 2019, it was initially hoped to release this year, but got delayed.


Unless Megan took the details and ran, I’d expect it to be Jan/Feb based on what they’ve said in the past :smiley: