Student Accounts


Since we have topics dedicated to everything else (including what you’re best off taking when you travel) why don’t we have a topic dedicated to accounts at home? I’m sure @Liam will turn it into a wiki at some point like he did with my other posts but…

Starting from the next school year (I’ll be updating this in July or August!) I’ll be comparing the different student accounts to each other. I’ll pair this with some good advice that should have really been taught to people in school.

Before you ask the question of “why make this topic now”:

I thought about doing it, wrote the first paragraph and started the second then realised offers will change in less than half a year and that most current students already have their accounts for the rest of University. Felt kind of silly to do it now, in hindsight.

Cya then!


I surely did ask myself ‘why create this topic now’, when it makes so much sense in July or August. Meanwhile I’m waiting with bated breath.


Do not get a student account!


It’s been a while since I had a student account.

What’s the advantage?

Fee free overdraft if I recall?


Pretty much. Mine also has free foreign spending :heart_eyes:


Yeah, I mean, if there are any financially savvy students out there (hello all 3 of you), you should make the most fo your student account and reap the benefits.

You could even max out your overdraft and stick it in Dozens for the year :joy:

Providing you are sensible with money…


I did that :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: it’s in a 5% savings account from Nationwide!