Stupid Barclays

Got the Barclaycard reward card to replace Tandem in the end. Its half the rewards but its something, and it’s free. Plus Barclays is the best thing since sliced bread.

All was working fine, with a decent enough app to be fair. Until an update and now nothing whatsoever appears except error codes and promotions for Blue rewards. Otherwise absolutely everything has changed and can see no account details.

I’ve spent 25 minutes on phone to India and woman assures me that my account will be showing back on the app within a week! Asked her what has happened and she says ‘not really sure but its something to do with the update.’ Ah, cheers. Wouldn’t have worked that out.

To be fair, at least I got through to someone, as useless as it was but even Tandem could work out how to show my account details when I logged in

All my Barclays apps stopped working ages ago when they unified the basic app and branding. Kudos to you for bothering to call them!

When was this update? My Barclays app is working fine and there are no outstanding updates for it, not on Android anyway.

V1. 7 Android I am on, update released last week but I mustve only opened it for the first time yesterday.

It looks like they’ve tried to unify Barclaycard and the current accounts. I don’t have a current account or anything else with Barclays, nor do I want anything. I would like my credit card account showing though.

You’re referring to the Barclaycard app then, because that’s version 1.70. the Barclays app is version 2.14

They unified the apps months ago, so now the Barclaycard app looks the same as the Barclays app and you can use either of them. It’s pointless having two identical apps, so I uninstalled the Barclaycard app when it first happened, and I only use the Barclays app now.

If you’re having problems with the Barclaycard app, try downloading the normal Barclays app and using that instead, if it will let you register for it without a current account.

For me, none of the apps has worked properly since they did this.

I’ve only had the card 3 weeks and up until last week it worked perfectly fine, just showing relevant information.

Tried downloading the Barclays app which, as you say is the same. I also get the same errors.

Yet another example of Stupid Barclays

Today I’ve received two letters, both identical, advising me that someone has downloaded their app and what to do if it wasn’t me.

Possibly the most pointless letters I’ve ever received.

Oh, and app still isn’t working.

It’s now been a week and to no one’s surprise nothing whatsoever has changed.

Barclays have been truly woeful.

I’ve ended up making a complaint and have got a £20 credit as I shouldn’t have been told it would be fixed within a week as this simply wasn’t true (shocker), as the fault is a known issue. I’ve been taken through the installation process again today, which must be the 8th time I’ve done it now and it still isn’t fixed.

An ‘incident’ has now been raised, no idea why this wasn’t raised before. I’m to await further contact.

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Call today from a man with the thickest Indian accent I’ve ever heard in my life. He said the error I am getting is a known issue and that they are raising an incident to get it fixed.

An absolute revaluation to me this is from Barclays, given they told the same thing days ago and still nothing has changed. Why they thought they needed to call to waste my life about this a bit more I’ll never know.

I may not be able to get in contact through these in app chats straight away, and, to be fair, you can speak to someone in a few minutes at Barclays, but they are absolutely useless and I’m still to speak to someone based on this contininent.

I know which I’d prefer.

It’s truly shocking and the worst customer service I’ve ever received.

I’ve had issues with repeated cashback payments with Blue Rewards for about a week now and then my debit card wouldn’t work contactlessly…

I ordered a new card on Friday and get a text message this morning saying it’s just been dispatched… I receive the card a few hours later…

I am however now known as PINGIT BAND… I call only to be told that the complaints department is closed… I don’t mind waiting but automatically get cut off.

I’m hoping the card works as intended? I can’t ask anyone!? All the other details are correct.