Stupid E-Mails

Apart from the usual 50,000000.00 FIFTY MILLION DOLLAR E-Mails what other crappy spam do you get?

I just saw this in my spam folder :joy_cat:

I just don’t look at the spam folder :joy:

I rarely do but thought I’d have a look as it was showing 1 and that was it.

It’s as convincing as they come :upside_down_face:

Similar to that one but even better… they include your actual password to prove they are telling the truth!

It turns out they are using a password list from some big attacks that have happened over the years, so if a website you’ve used has been compromised and they stored passwords in plain text - which a surprisingly high number of sites used to do - you actually see a password you’ve used before. For those people who use the same password everywhere, this is incredibly convincing.


I get several of those per week now. It’s just getting boring…

Interestingly I also get about one or two per month about my mailgun and twilio accounts supposedly being compromised and having to “click here to reset the password”.

Those seem quite targeted as they address me by name, and actually look quite plausible too.

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I think I was getting about 7-8 per day at one point, though they’ve died down now.

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Email him back… that you really scared and ask for discount!


Yeah I had a few of those. Thankfully it was an ancient password, but I went and changed a lot of them to be unique at that point. Not to mention enabling OTPs.

I identified which site had been compromised as I recognised the password. Turns out they had a breach about seven years ago.

I love the bit where it says your camera shoots video every time you masturbate…

HOW DOES IT KNOW??? :joy: :joy: :joy:

Like it’s sitting there waiting and then suddenly thinking, “Oh, he’s off again! Where the camera and how much hard drive do we have left?”

I love this! :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: (I’d never do it myself on my computer, but as its someone else’s, I love it! :yum::yum:)

Or you could offer to pay double if you can get copies for your partner… :man_shrugging:t2:


Also… There is a website for checking the passwords obtained during breaches… I accessed it on someone else’s device, just to be sure, but I gather it’s not dodgy.

You put in your password but NOT any other information (it doesn’t ask for any, to be fair) and it goes through all the information for years of breaches and find how many times they password shows up, and where they were obtained from. My old passwords showed up a whole bunch of times from various places that I didn’t even know where hacked… But my new one says zero! Yay…

There’s another one where you can put in your email address and it does the same. It finds how many times they email address has been obtained during hacks… Mine said about 4. :roll_eyes: Adobe in 2013, MyFitnessPal in 2018, MySpace in 2008 and a SpamBot in 2017.

I can’t remember the site off the top of my head though. I used someone else’s computer for the password one in case my device game away my identity at the same time as I tested my password. :grimacing:

It’s probably this site

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I always receive email like that…

But I never win :smiley: