Stupid stupid Sky! (is that libelous?)

So I, like many people, would like to watch the boxing tomorrow. I’m not happy that it is now £25 because, A… I read somewhere that ppv may be dying so they’re leeching it for anything they can… And B… Obviously it’s a HUGELY popular fight so they’re leeching it for anything they can. But that’s beside my point… Which I’m getting to… I promise! :joy: :joy:

I don’t have Sky because I think they are far too expensive!! You could have a whole bunch of streaming services for a fraction of the price… And forgo adverts while you’re at it! :+1: So I guess I should be grateful that you can get this fight as a standalone offer.

On top of that… I recently decided, as appears to be the parlance of our time, “#YOLO!!” and treated myself to a 75" 4k smart tv.

However!! I can’t watch the bloody fight on my TV!! :rage::rage::rage:

There’s no app for that! Sky Sports Box Office (SSBO) don’t have a TV app. NowTV have a TV app… And NowTV can stream SSBO… Yay… But NOT on the TV app. :rage::rage: You need to pay MORE to buy the stick or box! I can get the SSBO app on my phone and I have both a screen mirroring option on my TV AND a chromecast at my disposal… But SSBO does NOT support mirroring or, unlike BT Sports Box Office, casting!!

Finally… My pc is too far away from the TV.

As far as I’m aware, they’ve basically made it IMPOSSIBLE for me, and anyone else with just a smart TV, to watch the fight and therefore want to pay £25.

WHY HAVE THEY DONE THIS? :sob::sob: Considering how many smart TVs are out there now. You’d think they’d make a killing. :man_shrugging:t2: If they had a SSBO smart TV app I’d’ve paid them already!

Anyway… You’re all a bunch of tech savvy, intelligent, hip and happening folk! (can I say “hip and happening” now I’ve turned 40? Am I old enough? :joy:) So I’m wondering if there is something I’m not aware of? (legal though… I’m aware of illegal options but I’m trying to be good) Or is my only legal option to sit in front of my 75" TV and watch it on my 6" phone? :roll_eyes: (Going out isn’t an option… That’s where other people exist! :grimacing::grimacing:)

Sorry for the novel… I’m venting because it’s stupid… Stupid stupid Sky!

Fffffffanks! :heart:

Could be an encrypted stream requiring it only to be streamed on devices with that specific support? That’s generally why you can’t cast things and have to use an hdmi cable

Possibly, still it’s weird that an almost virtually identical Roku device (What NOW TV equipment is built from) can’t be used?

You can add Sky Sports Box Office to Roku as a ‘private channel’, unless that’s changed recently

Roku boxes are weird; I remember the process to get Twitch (when it had a Roku app) onto a NOW TV box.

A completely weird way to sideload an app, that involved connecting to the box via web browser on a computer.

Is it any wonder that people just watch a pirated stream? No extra cash, just a click & often better picture quality to boot.

Apps on most TVs don’t get many updates, and often end up being slow. At some point you may need to resign yourself to buying a cheap Amazon stick to plug in.

I am not sure if calling someone stupid is libellous, stick to safer terms like ‘pedo guy’ :slight_smile:


Throwing it out there, Americans pay over a hundred dollars for these pay per view fights - count yourself lucky

Surely SSBO is only available to Sky TV customers?

Can’t you just stream it on your laptop then mirror your laptop to your TV, Windows 10 comes with built in mirroring and most smart tvs work with that.

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Log into your Roku account, click “add channel by code”
Type “skysportsboxoffice”
Click add
Job done
For some reason they’ve not listed it in the channel store but it is there.
I’ve just tested and this works

:point_up: If you wanted an extended history into why that works

Exactly! Especially as smart tvs often have an app available called Smart IPTV that easily has access to THOUSANDS of illegal channels for a fraction of the price.

:joy::joy::joy: Although its fine if, by “pedo”, you somehow DON’T mean pedophile! :man_shrugging:t2: :joy: :joy: Gotta love Elon’s brain noise!

Americans can watch all these expensive fights on DAZN which is $19.99 a month (Cheaper than ONE NIGHT of boxing here.) or $150 a year. DAZN is spreading around the world currently… I hope they make it to here. And DAZN can be viewed on all sorts of devices, including games consoles.

Fortunately not. Anyone who wants to pay them… Who doesn’t just have a smart TV.

Erm… :flushed::flushed: No idea. :joy: I hadn’t considered that. Sky say it does not support mirroring but I don’t know if they can stop it on a pc like they can on a mobile. :thinking: I know you can connect a laptop to a TV like a monitor and do that. But my laptop died a long time ago.

I don’t have Roku either. I didn’t want to have to spend more. I hate them so much…


For all of my whinging like a loser I’m probably just gonna do this… Or a Now tv stick… Or Roku… At least it’d ready for next time too… Stupid stupid Sky!

I realise that. I was replying to the post immediately before mine.

One thing I dislike about Discourse (perhaps the only thing) is it doesn’t make it clear who you are replying to when you reply to the immediately previous post.


I know that many of the £25 PPV events in this country have been available in other territories on the equivalent of the BBC or ITV.

Me and my mates have watched countless PPVs for free using my other satellite dish and the German channels RTL or ARD.

This fight doesn’t seem to be on any Free to Air channels, but if you can find any streams for these online then you might be in luck…

Edit - Actually, just noticed one of those is TVP1, the Polish equivalent of BBC One. It’s not FTA, but and Polish household with a satellite dish will have it. Time to make a couple of Polish friends!

Failing that, a VPN putting you in Poland and a trip to will probably sort you right out. Getting the Comms from Radio 5Live in sync will be another matter, however!


I ended up buying a NowTV stick. :roll_eyes:

Although it says “Powered By Roku” so I don’t even know? :man_shrugging:t2: Is this what old age is? Not really understanding the world around me that I used to rock like a boss?

Anyway, I’m glad I just paid because it was worth it. I just wish there was a way I could watch a fight like that AND breathe… At the same time. :joy:

But thank you all for your contributions. :blush:

Ps… I also wish I read the ACTUAL words of my bet! :rage::rage:

I never really gamble. Partly because it’s potentially destructive but also because I’ve always been spectacularly bad at it! I once put 10 bets of a pound on 10 different horses on the grand national and none of them even finished!! Let alone won!

But I saw the word “Joshua”, the word “win” and the word “points” and thought it was a good shout because, for some reason, Mexican boxers don’t seem to be able to get knocked out…

But the words I DIDN’T read and skimmed over were “majority decision”.

I was so angry with myself! :roll_eyes::joy: I would’ve never picked that on purpose.

Anyway… Have a lovely day everyone.

Sky own roku so built the now TV stick based on that. But it’s limited roku you have to crack it to make it a true roku.

Now THAT looks like a cracking bet. What are the odds ? :joy:


They don’t own Roku. They did invest in Roku when it was a startup and then exited at Roku’s IPO. As you say Now TV devices are limited versions of Roku devices, but this connection seems to be through a partnership rather than owner-subsidiary relationship.

Sky will do whatever they can to get you into their eco system it’s as simple as that. If you want to watch something they have invested millions in then you kinda have to play by their rules.