Switch to So Energy

Well my switch from British Gas to So Energy has been completely painless and trouble free. It’s taken just 3 weeks.

The only thing I did, was cancel my direct debit with BG before they could take out almost £80 for a monthly energy spend of just £35. This was just 5 days before the switch, which completed today. I was already in credit on my account and I’d already calculated my final bill would be under 15 quid. It actually came to just over £13 and I paid it as soon as I received the email from BG and my account with BG is now officially closed.

I suspect that had I not cancelled the D/D with BG a few days ago, I’d have waited probably days or weeks to get my funds returned. At least I’m all square with BG.

Let’s see how long it takes for my SMETS 2 gas and electric meters to start reporting to So Energy. I’m figuring I might have to do manual reads for a few weeks, but So Energy apparently does have the ability to collect data from smart meters, so we’ll have to wait and see.