Tally new App launch

Hi everyone

Haven’t posted on here in a while. Just to be absolutely clear this time… I am Damon - Head of Product at Tally and yes, this is a shameless plug to get eyes on Tally, but also because I think this community benefits from knowing about other products available in the banking space.

We have just launched our new App, giving a far better experience when opening and using a Tally account.

Search the app stores for Tally Money or click below.


Unlike traditional bank accounts, Tally gives you full ownership and d control of your money as Tally is physical gold held outside the banking system, whilst seamlessly working with it.

3 reasons to join Tally.

Protect the long term value of your savings from inflation.

No added FX fees, mark ups or ATM fees at home or abroad.

Spend Tally instantly, anywhere.


Thanks for the heads up and your transparency.

Thanks for posting!

Always good to hear directly from the horse’s mouth, as it were, and hopefully pitch you some questions in return.

For existing users, I can’t see any new features or improvements. Was this just a design revamp, or was there a lot of change in the background and the signup flow?

I’m not sure the experience has changed much as an existing user…

Totally unrelated…
Are you planning to add trading features at some point, maybe to automate GBP<>XAU trades, for example. Though I suppose you’d need a GBP wallet for that :slight_smile:

@Gaoler thanks for the feedback…

The biggest visible change for existing users is the GBP account’s, allowing users to have their own sort code and account number to transfer funds into through faster payments. This combined with geolocation and merchant names on card payments.

As you kind of touched on there has been lots in the background that has changed to make the product more robust and scalable for future features.

R:e trading that’s an interesting thought. We recognise that people want to use this for trading and we may do this in future.

Our biggest thing right now is to focus on establishing Tally as an alternative currency.

So transfers in and out are now near-instant?

Are you planning an API so you can connect to aggregators like Yolt and Emma?

Do tell! :wink:

Yeah, at the moment you’re more in the Glint corner than the Goldex corner. Somewhere in the middle might be interesting and speak to a broader church. Though basically I’ve never used the card for spending, because, well, gold is a commodity and a longterm asset and and and…

I still scratch my head a bit when you say Tally is a currency. It certainly doesn’t fit my definition, though I’m sure mine is out of date…

Why typography matters.

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Fixed @Passw0rdisPassw0rd thanks for the bug catch

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Well spotted…:grin:

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4.99% :joy::joy::joy: that would be a definite reason to stay away


All fixed…thanks for reporting

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Disappointing response to reported card failures. I received a text informing me of reported failures and later that it had all been resolved - so far so good. But it would be nice to have more detail of the how and why, particularly as the question was asked on the Tally forum.