Tandem Current Account & Tandem Membership

New landing page for the Tandem Membership.

Looks like it’s actually a serious thing (and not just a one-off programme, which I was under the impression that fee-charging was for – charge a fee that would be difficult to justify, to gracefully get the user to make the choice to leave if the economics don’t work.).

Current account also on the way. I suspect that the relaunch of the Tandem credit card (with the Tandem Membership) will be alongside the launch of the current account.

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They’re going to crash and burn

Mid recession and they’re going to be able to convince people to pay what is essentially a maintainence fee when no other bank charges one? Good lck


Tandem is practically on its knees now.

No way I’m spending a penny on a maintenance fee or a membership.


The announced a current account about 18 months ago. I was interested at that point as already had the cashback card.
Now not interested with this membership fee thing.
Get the feeling they’ve shot themselves in the foot.

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Tandem app redesign just got pushed.

Looks like current account getting closer.

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Yep, as per my other post, Tandem Membership is now dead.


Have I missed something?
Tandem is closing it’s credit card?
Starting current accounts?

Wouldn’t be surprised if they binned this as well.


Judging by just how inept Tandem’s journey has been since launch, it seems very unlikely that they have the wherewithal to actively consider a current account. They’re much more likely to fade into obscurity…

Indeed, customer service when I needed it was diabolical.


I see what you did there!

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Current accounts are loss-making and you’d expect that loans (which includes credit cards as a category) is one source of revenue.

Fact that they’re exiting this potentially profitable (in the long-term) business line suggests that they are completely under-performing and are under severe pressure to recover from a potential funding down round.


I’m here all week …:joy:

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Looks like Tandem has gone the way of Atom Bank.

No longer doing the current account rollout.

Looks like it is in a similar situation to Monzo.


Have to say, it’s not surprising. In fact, I’m surprised they’ve not already folded.


New app launch.

No FaceID/TouchID. You have to log in from scratch every single time, by entering in your password and inputting the SMS code.

FaceID diagram looks like it was drawn in Microsoft Paint, rather than paying their outsourced designer to add this in.

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Yes, my app auto-updated a while ago (probably about a week ago).

I had the previous AutoSavings product with them, which has now just become a bog-standard savings account.

They seem to have completely scrapped their previous app and started again, which is bizarre, and the new app is (as you say) very bare bones.

I can’t believed they thought they could ship an app which doesn’t stay logged in!

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I had the old app, having previously had a credit card with them and occasionally using them for open banking.

The new app doesn’t recognise my mobile number… not impressed.

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Perhaps because you now have no products with them?

The credit cards are now fully closed and the Open Banking integration has gone from the new app.

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