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… So I just signed up to Tandem; purely as I pay by debit card for EVERYTHING already. I may as well make a small percentage back for doing so if I can. :wink:

What’s everyone’s thoughts on them so far and is anyone else using Tandem here as well?

I found the card colour choice a little bit of a difficult decision… I eventually picked the teal, it was a hard decision between it and the orange. :stuck_out_tongue:


From what I’ve heard their customer service is a bit like vaugely trained monkeys, but the cashback does work and saves you an entire 0.5% :wink: pair it with Curve and you get get a good 1.5% cashback back I suppose. Sadly I don’t make enough working part-time to get one :sob: even though I have a pretty good account history


I deal with companies on a daily basis, I can say without any doubt Tandem have one of the worst customer services I have ever come across, it has slightly improved. And by slightly you can actually get a reply after 6pm nowadays, even though it is most likely going to fob you off with calling during office hours.

I’m a Tandem Co-Founder so been with them from day one, and even today I find their customer service appalling.

The card doesn’t always work, the security system will block it randomly so make sure you always have alternative cards. Mind you I’ve only ever had it blocked Friday or Saturday normally in a pub, normally late in the evening. So it follows a routine, which you would have thought months later they would solve.


I know you didn’t ask for it, but if you are after cashback, then I think there are better options:

I’m really a big fan of amex: they have a good app (with instant notifications if you are into that), excellent customer support (I’ve had to do a section 75 claim and a charge back through them, and in both cases it was sorted really quickly), and they have a wide range of cards, so you’ll almost certainly find something that fits your needs. If you just want cashback they have the Platinum Cashback (1-1.25% for an annual fee) and Platinum Everyday Cashback (0.5-1%, no fee).

If you prefer a mastercard, maybe due to better acceptance, the NatWest reward credit card is pretty good, offering 0.5-1% for a £24pa fee (which is waived if you also have their reward current account, which incidentally is very good value for money too)

Where tandem stands out, in terms of cashback, is that it is to my knowledge the only card to offer cashback on foreign purchases, so if you use the card abroad then it may be your best choice (looking at it purely from a cashback perspective).


I’ve been fortunate that it always works for me - easy money. no catches and perfect acceptance. I knows others here have had problems though!

They offer a whopping £10 (!) credit for referrals (let me know if anyone needs one :rofl:), I just think if they took out some bloggers out for dinner or offered a larger referral incentive this card would be everywhere. This card is better than most that they promote offering points or Avios.


I just linked my main legacy spending account… Apparently I’ve no bills?

I’ve a Direct Debit out, going to Virgin Media and continuous payments to GiffGaff and Brewdog that it didn’t pick up on.

Otherwise it’s a nice app so far; will be interesting to see how things look when I get my card and have a list of payments and such.


Heya, I saw @DanTandem over at the Monzo forums and I asked if he’d be willing to give us some love :eyes: he said yes.

So ask away I guess :wink:

(Daniel James) #8

Yes cashback on foreign purchases, no forex and perfect mastercard exchange rates are why people choose the Cashback card. Also some people prefer getting the cashback monthly as we do it, rather than quarterly or yearly.

(Daniel James) #9

Thanks @Recchan - Happy to answer any questions people have here.

I’m Dan. I run social media with Tandem, so I don’t know all the answers, but can usually find them out without too much difficulty.

Our easily searchable FAQs are pretty good for any basic questions: https://intercom.help/tandembank

And if I haven’t noticed a question that you want a response to, just give me a nudge at our facebook (facebook.com/tandemmoney) or twitter (twitter.com/tandemmoney) which are the first and last places I look every day.


@DanTandem would you guys consider a credit card with no minimum earnings limit with a secured cash deposit against it? If I remember right some credit cards can work in this way and they’re pretty good credit builders. Should also make Tandem more viable for people with poorer credit reports or those just starting out :eyes:

(Liam) #11

Hi Dan,

Welcome to the site.
Thanks for taking the time to answer questions on your products.


(Liam) #12

Piggy-backing on to @Recchan’s question, I see that Tandem offers the ‘Journey’ card, a card that helps customers without much credit history to get a start on building some up.

Do you envisage a time when Tandem might be able to offer a similar card, aimed at users with not-so-great history that they would like to repair - or is this a risk to far, at this time?

(Daniel James) #13

Hi Liam. Yes we are currently working on bringing our credit scoring systems in-house which will give us many more data points to work with than the normal credit check. This will help us to assess risk much more accurately and with far better segmentation at the lower end of credit scores. The added benefits of this will be that we don’t have to do a hard credit check to give someone a card. On top of this, we’re looking at a type of guaranteed or prepaid card that is linked with a savings account specifically for people who have access to money, but want to use a card to repair a bad credit history. We hope this will be coming in early-mid 2019.

Great idea - see answer above, we’re already working out how to do this - probably a linked savings and credit card account.


Hi @DanTandem and good luck with your product!

You must be the only card issuer in the UK that sends cards with the old Mastercard logo. Why is that?


This makes me pretty happy Dan, thanks for your reply :wink: being a student who has no bill paying history has meant a single search meant my report took a battering, so something guaranteed sounds pretty good. Are there any plans for how this card will stack up against your others? Obviously if it’s guaranteed there’d be no interest and you’d take all the fees from the interchange fee?


Hi @DanTandem. Why is it that your customer service reps on chat seem to be able to do very little? I’ve contacted Tandem via chat a few times, and every time I was simply told to call up, as my (fairly simple) request couldn’t be handled over chat…

Thanks for answering our questions :slight_smile:

(sam) #17

I must say it’s refreshing to have a bank interact on the forum. Hopefully a few others follow suit


If only we could poach N26 and Starling to get some small presence on here in their own threads :sob:

(Daniel James) #19

Hi Daedal. Sorry about your experience with our customer service. It’s certainly one of the hardest things to get right - the balance between being overstaffed at quiet times and understaffed at peak times - responsiveness and efficiency. We’re aware of the problems and have been taking steps to improve over the past few months. We have recently been hiring to grow the team, extend the hours and have also been testing ways of automating some of the easy conversations.
I’ll pass on your card issue observations to the card team - the specific link to Friday/Saturday late night is not something I’ve heard before, so I’ll see what they say. If you don’t mind sharing specific details, I might be able to get them to look into the exact reason the card was declined on any given occasion for you - maybe through DM on our FB page is better for that.

(Daniel James) #20

Things that can be answered by FAQs: https://intercom.help/tandembank

The FAQs are easily searchable and contain the answers to over 50% of questions that customers ask in chat. Please help us and each other by checking there first.

  • How long does my card take to arrive?
  • How does cashback work?
  • When will my direct debit be due?
  • Which bank accounts can I link with Tandem?
  • Which ID Docs do I need to send you?

Are all examples of questions that are answered in the FAQs.

Things that can be handled over in-app chat:
In-app chat requires the user to be logged in to the app, but we only consider this the first level of security. It’s best to think of this as allowing customer service “Read-only access” to your account. So they can give you information, explain anything you don’t understand, but they can’t change anything.

  • Discuss accounts.
  • Talk about balances.
  • Explain why a charge has been made.
  • Resend PIN code to your registered address.
  • Upload your ID Docs if you have been asked to send them
  • Raise a dispute (better to call if possible)
  • Start a complaint (better to call if possible)

But we can’t change anything on an account:

  • Can’t change date of direct debit.
  • Can’t change address of account.
  • Can’t change credit limit. (We only do decreases at the moment, will add increases early 2019)

Fraud - you can report through in-app chat to get your card frozen, but we’ll ask you to call to discuss in more detail anyway as particularly with anything fraud related we want to be completely sure who we are talking to.

Things that require calling up: 020 3370 0970
On the phone lines, we can give you what we call level 2 security. You can think of this as “read-write access to your account”. This means that we can actually make changes to the account.

  • Change personal details such as address on account
  • Change billing cycle
  • Decrease credit limit
  • Raise a dispute
  • Make a complaint

Phone support continues over the weekend from 8am - 8pm, but only for card accounts presently.

Phone support for lost/stolen/emergencies is 24/7 on the normal number, then option 1.

Hope that’s useful as a rough guide and helps you understand which route to go down - I’ll add any further specific things to the right list if you ask about them in the reply.