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Where is this? Though if they had any brains they would have launched the CA before killing their existing credit card base

Been actively using mine, still isn’t increasing my limit ;(

Maybe it’s because I’m not paying interest lol

If you contact Aqua, based on your activity they can offer you an increase. They rarely contact you for an increase it seems.

Hopefully, fingers crossed. Amex is a solid card but it has two major drawbacks. Eliminating one will be better for them.

Pfft. If their unique features are going to be understanding, they would have mentioned it. Why keep it hushhush. You’re suppose to make us excited. Apple/Google Pay is not enough to get us excited.

I bet their unique features is fee-free ATM withdrawals, nice looking app or something.

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On the app if I go to the increase section it says they can’t offer me an increase

FX and acceptance?

For some hype works better with less information

Oh wow.

A current account. Finally!

Their app is lacking in features for a credit card, and there are still things you have to call for that you shouldn’t. If it’s the same with their current account why would anyone choose them over the alternatives?

Unexpected big expense? We’ll help you spread the cost. Didn’t see that payment coming? Let’s move it to next month.

This could be appealing to some people though.

What features are lacking? (I’ve never used Tandem)

To be honest, I can’t think of many features that are needed and it has improved a lot recently. They only just added paperless statements and setting up a direct debit (though once set up you need to call them to change anything or cancel it). It might just be my phone too, but I have to do the biometric login a few times before it lets me in.

It’s not bad but there is nothing apart from instant notificiations that I couldn’t get anywhere else. It does notify you of refunds and how many small transactions you do (below £10 I think). I’m kind of surprised that they have a round up feature for an attached current account to their savings account but not for their credit card (they take a payment from a debit card at the end of each week).

Overall their tech is lacking, which is also why they can’t transition cashback customers to their non-cashback card and are letting them go instead. Maybe it’s because they have been working on this account behind the scenes but I have my doubts.

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For a company that built there own tech it’s horrendous, bugs after bugs, connecting accounts often fails, the customer service is bad, they block your account randomly, restricted customer service hours. You have to call them to make certain changes, they refuse to give you help online. What exactly does tandem offer?


Does anyone here see features in the current account that they think might be quite exciting? In my case, I’m not seeing anything that’s distinctive enough to entice. Tandem are a latecomer to the CA game, and at a time when their main distinguishing feature - a credit card - is declining in its value. Some honest questions:

If you are already with Starling, for example, what would make you switch? There is auto-saving using an AI and somehow they promise to help you deal with unexpected big expenses. Is that meaningful enough?

And if you weren’t with Starling/Monzo/etc before, and weren’t prepared to switch to them from any other major bank, would you now switch to Tandem? Would someone with Nationwide or Halifax switch for the fact that they can help them group monthly bills or auto-save?

I’m not sure I’d trust Tandem with all my banking for a while after this either. If they don’t add fees now, I’d be wondering if they are going to give 60 days notice and change things later.

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As far as I’m aware, this is for those who are Tandem fans. Otherwise, if you have Starling/Revolut/N26/any other FinTech, it’s pretty much a basic FinTech account that adds nothing to your life.

Of course, they can give you 0.5% cashback for everything you spend above a pound*…maybe that’s when eyes will turn…

*until they get rid of the perk in the future lol

So Moneysavingexpert site reveals Tandem will be charging £6.99 per month to use its cashback credit card. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

It’s mainstream now

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I mean… where’s the thinking here? :thinking:

I was under the impression they used an off the shelf platform, unless things have changed recently

Although nothing to do with features they may end up being the first of the app-based fintechs to offer both a current account and credit card. Being able to have both from the same provider may be of value to some.

As a Monzo customer, I know I want Monzo to offer a credit card.

The app is fully Tandems technology.

The backend isn’t.

A small interest rate of 50p a day even if repaid

In the end Aqua gave me the max starting limit of £1200, which is more than enough for my personal monthly credit card spending. You become eligible for an increase after 4 months, but since I’m probably not going to get close to the limit, they might not increase mine.

Especially since I also got the American Express Platinum Cashback card (starting limit £2000) and will be trying to max out the initial 5% offer.