Tandem - Feedback, Thoughts and Chat

We order our cards in large batches, and have just come to the end of the old MasterCard Logo batch. So from now on (apart from the black co-founder card) all the cards sent out will be with the new MasterCard logo.


Wasn’t aware of the co-founder card until now. But damn does it look nice:

Are there any plans to add additional colours, designs, options?
e.g. new colours, vertical/metal cards etc

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Thanks Dan. That clarifies things, and is useful info to have.

I do think the policy of not allowing changes (eg. to direct debit) via chat should be revisited, given several other credit cards I have can change the date, amount, and bank account for direct debit for example, without needing to interact with anyone.

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Also, @DanTandem, just a couple of pieces of feedback that you might find useful.

Firstly, the Tandem card doesn’t seem to fall back to chip-and-signature when chip-and-pin is rejected. I experienced this several times in the USA, when the cashier would use the chip, but not let me enter a pin and instead try to force signature verification. This happened enough that I gave up on my Tandem card, and just used another credit card that always worked. I realise that there’s higher risk with chip-and-signature, but given that it’s marketed as a travel card, and the US is a big market for travel, it’s frustrating that it doesn’t work with a method that is in common use there.

Secondly, chat conversations seem to drop off the queue of customer service staff without any indication to the user that they are no longer active. Below is a screenshot of a conversation where I asked a specific question (with exact £ amounts), and was given an answer that was generic, and didn’t answer the question at all. When I followed up, my reply was never seen. I’ve had one other conversation where the same thing happened.

As I say, this is just a couple of pieces of feedback from my experiences - if you’ve heard them before, feel free to ignore :slight_smile: but hopefully you’ll find them useful.

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Interestingly, we just had a meeting today and a workshop last week as we’ll be revisiting our card design over the next few months. Here’s some notes from our meetings:

  • Although it’s nice nice to offer 4/5 colours (including black co-founder card), it does dilute the brand somewhat VS a single colour card like Monzo
  • It’s also harder to administrate
  • So one card design with a possible premium option in metal/ceramic is our probable route
  • There’s no real need to distinguish between the cashback card and journey card in terms of design as no single customer has both
  • Also we don’t want the non-cashback card to visibly look like a ‘less-good’ version of the cashback card
  • Added weight/different material for premium would give it a weightier feel to the user without making someone else’s card seem second rate, so this is an option
  • We generally don’t like the transparent thing N26 are doing
  • We generally don’t like cluttered designs or images of specific recognisable things (coffee/goldfish/dinosaurs etc)
  • Our customers’ preferred card at the moment is the orange one, but it’s probably a bit close to Monzo
  • Our blue card is the second choice, but it’s a bit traditional and Barclays feeling.
  • Mint and pink options are less popular
  • We like coloured edges
  • We prefer embossed numbering on the front
  • We prefer landscape design
  • We’re looking at eco-friendly options, though they are not very well developed at the moment
  • We like the idea of accessibility features (the notch can help certain people recognise the correct orientation of the card)
  • Not so keen on gimmicky - glow in the dark etc.

Any suggestions welcome, though obviously we can’t please everyone!


If you are going down the landscape (edit - PORTRAIT!) route, can you please make sure the chip would be at the bottom of the card when placed in a vertical wallet.

It’s one of my bug bears with the Starling card - If you want to put the card in the right way up, the chip ends up being at the top (and more likely to be damaged if your wallet has cut aways to expose the card for easy access).

Does that make sense? :joy:

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You mean portrait? If the card is in the landscape orientation as suggested above, it should be just like any other legacy card.

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I love my mint card :slight_smile:


Yes… Yes I did :man_facepalming:

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I agree with these points for the most part. I really can’t stand Starlings Teal card and feel it’s quite cheap looking.

Something professional looking, with an embossed numbers is the way to go I think but don’t rule out portrait cards unless you feel strongly about it

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How interesting to read this. Really refreshing to see someone from an organisation come and be so open and informative.

I’m grateful you took the time to answer @DanTandem


@DanTandem will that guaranteed card be subject to a credit check? Assuming it has money placed against it I’m assuming not :eyes:

I’d also like to ask if this would be launching at the same time as the savings accounts, or is that a soon™ kind of thing?

Dark blue/teal with orange accents/edges would look nice


I picked the mint card; kinda cool to find out that it’s one of the lesser picked cards… I feel like I’m in the cool club now. :wink:


Thanks @DanTandem, some really interesting insights here. I don’t have a Tandem card currently but have been toying with it in the last week or so. I recently got rid of several “high street” credit cards and am interested in Tandem, Jaja and Starling’s offering due next summer.

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I have been rejected to get a Tandem card, so I have no interest getting one in years to come (maybe never). And no, I’m not interested in that credit builder card. It’s useless to me, when I have Barclaycard.

(And before “No fees abroad!”…I have Starling, Curve and Revolut that does the job here)

If you’d like to read about the company culture at Tandem and what it is like to work here, have a read of this article I wrote recently:

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So I think some of the comments about their customer service is a touch off. Granted there seems to have been issues but on the flip side, I’ve been with Tandem for 2 months now.
OK so the in app chat is a touch slow, but to be expected when a company is starting out and increasing volumes in my opinion.
I’ve asked about my account using that on 3 occasions, each time I’ve had a response, and on one occasion my request was denied but it was explained why in plain English, and personalised.
The application had no hiccups at all when I started mine and I’m currently building my credit with a dispute on my credit file so if it was going to go wrong, or experience a delay it would of then. Applied and had card within 7 days.
I use my card daily now, and I like the fac that when you pay money in there is no 3 days waiting for it appear like my other credit card. All in all tandem are looking good, needs fine tuning but that will come.


I’ve had my Tandem card for about a year now. Easy to use, never been declined anywhere. The cashback gets paid monthly, whereas Amex is annually. I also have the attached round up savings account which rounds up every credit card payment made, great feature.
Have used it in New Zealand, Barbados and Sri Lanka without problem as well.

The account aggregator is good but is failing with Tesco bank at the moment.


Do you have to have an account with Tadem to get the credit card? I have downloaded the app and registered but no credit card to apply for?