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Yes - you need to have a credit card account before you can make use of the app. Below is a refer-a-friend link to apply for one of their credit cards in case you’re interested.


That used to be the case. The tandem website now says you have to apply in-app though

(Andrew Buckland) #43

Found it in the end hidden away in the app, not obvious.

(Daniel James) #44

You’re right that we’ve hidden the cashback card in the app. :wink:
We’ve actually done that to slow down sign-ups for it.
And to learn about in-app applications.
Journey card applications are still through the website: tandem.co.uk/journey-card
And the refer-a-friend scheme applies exactly the same to either card: tandem.co.uk/mention-me

Out of interest - did you set up any of the other features while applying for your card (aggregation/spending money/autosavings)?


Applying through the app, you need your friend’s full name and email address… :pensive:

The application isn’t actually in app - opens in a browser. Messy

(Andrew Buckland) #46

No just the card, an alternative to my american express cash back card when it’s not accepted.