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Such sweet irony.

Would genuinely be supervised if they ever launched it.

Tandem now support Google Pay.



Nice, I wonder how far away apple pay could be

As we know, the first rule of Apple Pay is they aren’t allowed to talk about Apple Pay. It’s being worked on so hopefully it can’t be too far away.

I don’t know why these fintech cards seem to drag their feet when it comes to these features though.


Tandem are relaunching their cashback card soon. unclear what’s happening to existing cashback customers.

I can’t tell if the Cashback is going or not?

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Exactly. They did not say in any way that they are improving the cashback.

Also memberships? Ok, so we have to pay for a subscription most likely.

No Cashback I’m gone
Any sort of fee I’m gone


I’m glad they finally got Google Pay but if the cashback goes I’ll use a debit card for day to day spending for the better analytics. I don’t think they necessarily need cashback but at the moment I don’t think their offering is good enough without it.

Hopefully they’ll just grandfather us in for a while, or their membership option will be attractive.

Disappointing, but not surprising. The cashback card was never going to be sustainable.

Many fintechs like to claim that they can provide lower fees, better deals etc because of lower overheads, but in a lot of cases it’s just due to a willingness to make losses at the beginning. They seem to overestimate the efficiencies they are going to get as they scale.


Just going to throw it out there… Aqua Rewards :joy:

I do have both Tandem and Aqua - Love them both. I think Aqua cash back is capped at £100 a year?

Yes it is!
Also likely to start with a lower limit than you might be used to.

When I got my Aqua card about 6 months ago it came with a £1500 limit. Then after three months, I got a email/letter saying they are increasing my limit to £1900, then recently they increased it again to £2700. They offered, I didn’t apply… but happy to accept. I do pay off the card monthly, so I guess they just wanted to see how you manage your account.

Whereas I’ve had the Tandem cash back card for quite a while and stuck on £1200… but they don’t offer limit increases so they told me when I queried.

I’m on a limit just over x3 with Tandem.

Same here! I only signed up for the orange card :joy: but yeah the Cashback was cool…

Yeah, I wanted an increase, event a temp one, so I could pay for my train ticket. It was over £6k and had the cash ready to go but they said no increases at all. Had to go via my NatWest card

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If the cash back goes i’m gone as I suspect a lot of customers will. Thats the only reason I got it and only use it when American express isn’t accepted.

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And they’ve just put themselves on deathwatch…

Everyone gets kicked off in 2 months unless they pay £6/month.