Tandem to Lloyds Balance Transfer

Is it not possible to do a balance transfer from a Tandem card? I’ve been advised in the Tandem in-app chat that Tandem do not accept balance transfers to other cards, but Lloyds have advised me that they can transfer a balance from any credit card providing I give them the 16 digit card number. I even stated I had a Tandem card and Lloyds said any card should be fine.
Which is correct?

Tandem can refuse the balance transfer, but Lloyd’s is correct you can transfer a balance from any card, basically the new card issuer pays of the card balance. There are specific ways to do this, ie a balance request from the new card which is passed from the old card which is then cleared, or you tell them how much to pay.

So Lloyds will be able to pay off the Tandem card effectively transferring the balance?

Not if tandem refuse it, that’s the issue. Lloyd’s can pay it off but if tandem refuse to give them the balance then they can’t. From what I remember tandem nearly always refuse it, but sometimes it works. I know that’s not much help, but thats how it is with tandem.

Thanks for the information.
I’ve spoken to multiple people at Lloyds who’ve assured me that they would be able to transfer it and assured me I wouldn’t be left with an outstanding balance on the Tandem card. I also have this in writing in the live chat.
Any idea what Lloyds would do if they couldn’t pay off the Tandem card? Transfer the money into my account so I could clear the balance perhaps?

They obviously factor in the balance transfer into your new credit limit, so if they can’t do the transfer it would be possible to do something like that. Especially as you have it confirmed they will pay off the balance.

Just try it, it is likely to work.

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Thanks I guess I’ll go ahead and see what happens

Interesting. Please come back to let us know if it works

I would try it and complain to Lloyd’s if it doesn’t work as they told you it would :slight_smile: they have big monies and as such you’ll likely be able to get some real money from them :joy: that you can use to partially pay your balance!

Alternatively maybe you could ask them if it’d be possible for them to transfer part of your credit limit to your current account so you can pay it off as if the limit has been used

Just a quick update, I successfully did two balance transfers from Tandem to Lloyds, a smaller one to test and then a larger one.
So I guess Lloyds were correct the whole time!


What in gods name are Tandem going on about then? I’m glad it was sorted for you. Good work getting through the fog of misinformation


Tandem didn’t block it then which is good.