Tesco and Google Pay

(Andy Morris) #1

Just been to Tesco, and have always used Google Pay (linked to Monzo) to pay for transactions at the till over the £30 contactless limit until today when i tried Google Pay for £31.25 the physical card machine told me it was over the contactless limit, when queried in store I got the look whats Google Pay

I wonder if the same can be said for apple pay? But it seems a strange move by Tesco, as i from what i have heard tescopay+ has been a complete flop, so are they taking out on the compettion.

Has anyone else had this ?


Tesco has never accepted contactless for over £30.

(Daniel White) #3

This was my understanding also in a bid to get people to use Tesco Pay+ or whatever it’s called

(Dotun) #4

I use Tesco Pay+. You get more clubcard points using TP+ so why not.


I find it so annoying: unlock phone, find app, unlock app, scan. Doesn’t want to scan. Screen timeout triggered. Unlock phone again. Fingerprint unlock for app not working. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: gets out card and pays with chip and pin instead…


Tesco wants you to use Tesco Pay+ which they have now made part of the club card app and the tesco bank card app, they have not from day one accepted any contactless form of payment over £30 and have always said in statements they stick to the contactless limit. Technically they are right, the contactless limit is £30. It is down to a retailer whether or not they accept payments over £30, the form of payment is also retailer dependent.

(Richard Müller) #7

I have on multiple occasions made contactless and signature payments over £30 with a card (not phone) at a particular franchise garage under the BP brand (not any other BP garages). You don’t need to insert card or enter PIN just tap contactless and it prints out a receipt for a transaction over £30 with a signature panel on it (so longer than the usual under £30 receipt which does not require signature)


I love tesco pay plus. I use it for fuel as well (especially given the crappy way P@P payments are handled) and it’s yet another way of letting my card stay put away.

I also like that it does the clubcard points automatically.

Although I do get the point about having to unlock your phone, load the app, go through security, find out the scanner isn’t great and it needs twenty attempts from different angles, etc etc… But generally I find it pretty smooth. And, instead of holding up the till, I normally open it and get it ready on the way to the till anyway, while I’m walking, effectively killing two birds with one stone. I’m such a multitasking time-organising hero! :muscle: :smirk: :sunglasses:

(Dotun) #9

Doesn’t scan? That never happened to me…
Screen timeout? How long did you use Tesco Pay+? No internet is required to use TP+…
All I do is “Hey Siri, open Tesco Pay” (or hold the power button for Siri to open and say “Tesco Pay”) > App opens > Face ID unlock > Boom, ready to go. All less in 10 seconds.
Yet again, this is my experience using iOS.

I like Apple Pay and while I do prefer to use Apple Pay, because of the benefits of Tesco Pay of getting bonus clubcard points - along with auto collecting them, it’s definitely worth it.


I’m sure it works great for some, I just can’t cope with it. I’m on android as well, so the ios version may well work better.