Tesco Clubcard Plus

Have Tesco been stealing ideas from Monzo?


This appears to be incredibly poor value!

Guess it depends what the limits are like of the big shops. For some families that could equate to £30-40 saving

Including things like fee-free foreign transactions on the Tesco Credit Card is just putting a value on something that you can get elsewhere for free.

I’m not sure about the Tesco Mobile double data either. Might be nice if someone already uses them but they aren’t the best value plans out there.

I appreciate if people do all of their shopping at Tesco then the 10% off might work out OK for them, though I usually get vouchers anyway offering things like £7 off a £70 spend (10%). I wonder if those offers will stop for non-Plus customers?

Indeed, I wouldn’t pay a fiver let alone the same price as Amazon Prime per month for it!

Surely it’s aimed at just locking in people who do grocery shopping there? Paying £8 for a 10% discount twice a month is a no brainer for most families, then there’s the 10% off certain brands that keep you loyal to Tesco for top-up shops. Then you see you get a good deal on Mobile and Credit cards, so you’re tempted to switch perhaps. And the monthly fee means you’re less likely to try out Aldi or Lidl.

Seems great value to me.

Sounds almost as bad as Ocado’s one; Smart pass. Free deliveries, supposed Smart pass flash sales only available to paying customers and 10% off 500 lines or summat, my last shop the smart pass discounts saved me a whole 12 pence…

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Smart Pass is different though… it’s all about free delivery each week, with a very limited discount elsewhere. You avoid paying £7 a delivery or whatever - a no-brainer for regular Ocado users. It’s all about lock-in.

If you want to moan about deals that aren’t that great in real life, Ocado’s “Tesco Price Promise” is far higher up the list (as they look at basket price, not individual item price and ensure their offers have different multiples to Tesco)

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No Tesco swag or exclusive events?

I’m out.


One £100 shop a month makes it good value. And that’s not counting the rest of the offering.

As for coping monzo. Tesco used + already for pay+ ‘+’ isn’t exclusive to monzo, it’s hardly new :smile:

If they could send me a different coloured clubcard that with fade, peel and fall apart within days I’d be interested.


It’s quite a smart move from Tesco, because it puts you off popping into Aldi or asda when you’re invested in Tesco. They could even charge a bit more for groceries and people would still shop there. Amazon have shown that to be true. You can get most of the prime items for less from other sellers.

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Amazon have conned everyone on this. Not only can you get most items cheaper, as a prime member you pay a prime tax on top of your yearly cost of prime for all items you buy with free delivery.

You can actually get most items cheaper from the same supplier who’s selling on amazon. Amazon tax is a real thing.

They’re following Starling’s lead.

Except it won’t be socks, it’ll be belts.

In one size.

Because Every Little Belts…



I like you Tesco but, hard pass. Better luck next time.

Had anyone reported my last post or blocked me yet because of it?

I’m tempted to do one or the other :grin:

I’m still cringing, couldn’t reach the flag button :joy:

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That’s quite a vendor lock-in they’re hoping to achieve.

In order for you to maximise your ‘value’ from that £7.99/mo you need to make sure at the very least you’ll be doing your two biggest shops there a month (useless in a land where shoppers are increasingly not doing a ‘big shop’ and instead opting to do smaller ‘top-up’ runs), move your credit card spending to their psychotic banking arm and your mobile phone to their brand.

You’ll probably also need to buy their crappy clothes.

Note that the one area where they could really add value to customers - the petrol station - is missing. But then it would be because this isn’t about giving value to customers - it’s about creaming £8 a months from daft punters who will then feel the need to go back more and more just to try and break even.

I know comment from me won’t come without a degree of anti-Tesco bias… but bugger me this is a poor effort



How about simply making things cheap as possible whilst making a tidy profit? Wasn’t that how it worked in the old days? :stuck_out_tongue:


I love this phrase.

Although it does make me think of mad robots…