TfL + Apple Pay Express Transit

Now officially available to use!


I’m not a Londoner but down fairly regular. Looks like a nice feature!

Ah this is good news. I hope we might see it expand elsewhere over the next couple years.

Just tried it out. A lot quicker as you don’t even have to wake your phone up :clap:

And also what a great touch that Apple made it work, even if the iPhone battery is flat.

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It’s not a guarantee (they won’t be liable for any losses arising to this) but it should do for a few hours after your phone is dead

Still great no?

I agree it is pretty cool as a feature , especially since it’ll work on Japan’s tap through trains too with Suica and in some other countries metros like I believe Moscow

It’s very handy. Have been using it since last week (there was soft roll-out, as far as I could tell). Much easier not having to get phone out early, unlock, authenticate with Touch ID in advance of the gateline.

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