TfL + Apple Pay Express Transit

Now officially available to use!


I’m not a Londoner but down fairly regular. Looks like a nice feature!

Ah this is good news. I hope we might see it expand elsewhere over the next couple years.

Just tried it out. A lot quicker as you don’t even have to wake your phone up :clap:

And also what a great touch that Apple made it work, even if the iPhone battery is flat.


It’s not a guarantee (they won’t be liable for any losses arising to this) but it should do for a few hours after your phone is dead

Still great no?

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I agree it is pretty cool as a feature , especially since it’ll work on Japan’s tap through trains too with Suica and in some other countries metros like I believe Moscow

It’s very handy. Have been using it since last week (there was soft roll-out, as far as I could tell). Much easier not having to get phone out early, unlock, authenticate with Touch ID in advance of the gateline.

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I’ve been having a few issues with it and my Starling card, it has worked a couple of times, but mostly it seems to have a problem, I get seek assistance or try again.

Though I’m now wondering if having my phone in my left hand, along with my apple watch quite close by is causing “card clash” and although it’s essentially the same card it’s a different virtual number. I’ll turn it off on my watch and see if that helps.

Probably down to holding it wrong, anyone else experienced any issues?

It’s definitely not the watch as I have same problem and the Apple Watch is on my left hand, while the phone is on my right. Sometimes it works, sometimes it fails.

What I noticed though is it depends on the terminal. If one terminal fails, I go to another, try again and that one works.

(This isn’t strictly a Starling issue by the way)

Thanks, glad it’s not just me then.

Starling Bank - first card… nice Ad

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Actually the default card in Apple Wallet is the one on the bottom.

First card you see though when your eyes are looking down, probably what he meant

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