Thank you very much

Just wanted to say a big “thank you” to @Liam for making the effort to create this site. It’s something I’ve been thinking of doing myself over the past 24 hours, really pleased someone has taken the initiative :slight_smile:


No worries!

I found that the forum had been closed yesterday evening and found it left a bad taste in the mouth.

Removal of years of posts, suddenly at the end of the working week with no notice or even hint of what was to come. My thoughts was that it’s a pretty cowardly way to go about things, honestly.

People had given their own time to provide honest feedback and suggestions on how the firm could improve their product.

Sadly, I feel that the certain people within the company took this feedback way too personally and would rather just do their own thing, without pesky customers in the way.

The forums might have been a pain for certain thin-skinned managers at Starling, but they were a wealth of (freely provided) help, crowd-sourced hints and tips, and a good sanity check when things didn’t seem to work as they should.

But, if the internet has done anything, its democratised publishing. So here we are!


I second what @danmullen says, thanks so much @Liam!

Carrying on from the now inaccessible PM thread over on the defunct forum, where abouts are you hosting this community? I’m looking at setting up a Discourse community for a Talking Newspaper Group which is still using Yahoo! Groups, basically a mailing list, which is now sending out each ‘post’ 20 times. A lot of them are quite older so like the mailing list because it’s just e-mail and they can do that but I think it detracts younger people from using the group. I’m hoping Discourse’s ability to be able to use it both ways, via e-mail and via the web-based ‘forum’.

Sorry, this ended up being longer than I expected, feel free to move somewhere else if appropriate!

I’ll PM you the details

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Yeah thanks too.

For me, it was all the tips and advise I used for travelling etc.

I wouldn’t have even cared that much had the backed out reponding and left us too it without sneak peaks etc (cos mostly they were a waste of time and left people annoyed as they weren’t delivered)

I always learnt at work under promise over deliver. Post Office coming 2020…wow look we did it two years early… :confused:


I thought you said under promise and over deliver :wink:

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I sold this post office thing to my partner like Six months ago…the card sits dormant until its a thing.

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Thanks for setting this up. Still can’t believe they threw the toys out of the pram like that


Great idea setting this up! I’ve created an account and hope to find a new home here.

Thanks @Liam for setting up the forum :+1:t2:

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Cheers @Liam :clap: :ok_hand: