The card design thread!

There are a lot of people out there who use a bank based on their card design.

If all things were equal, I’d certainly look at card design as a deciding factor (but all things are rarely equal, and it’s not as high on my wants as other things).

However, I’ve just received the N26 card (finally), and I thought I’d start the debate going here.

I’ve a few cards from the FinTechs now - What’s the best looking card you have?

I actually think the Starling and Curve card lead it for me, and that is in no small part down to the minimalist front!


I like N26.

I like your card game here’s mine :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I have all of those besides the AMex one :eyes:

I personally like the N26 one, the Revolut one and the Transferwise one. They all lead the pack, Curve looks really nice too though. Not a big fan of Starling ones; imo my Nationwide one looks nicer :joy:

You have a Visa Revolut card, shit man I’ve wanted one of those.

I’ve only got Monzo and Starling. I really like the look of the Starling Business Account card, I’m not a huge fan of the teal, it looks a little sparkly/shimmery to me?

EDIT: Starling Business Card looks like this:

The Curve one looks amazing, and the Revolut one is pretty nice, too. I’ve never actually looked into Revolut, might have to check them out.

One thing that’s always bugged me about Amex - why does the border only go round three sides? Is it meant to look like a stage or something? Not sure what they were going for.

What’s the ‘Hello World’ one? I quite like that.



I quite like the GoHenry designs, but I’m hardly target audience for those!

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Is the Fineco card completely black?

It would look better without the Ikea style logo!

Fidor one is a bit funky, but not a big lover of it.

I do like the Glint card though!

Eurgh! :joy: My Nationwide card is the worst of every card… ever!

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Ah, didn’t your parents give you enough pocket money to get one?


Nope! Though my old TSB account came with a denim bankbook!

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Haha!! I have never even noticed this… Now I can’t un-see it!! :joy:

To be fair, my wife carries the card most of the time, and I just buy stuff online or with Apple Pay.

I think a modern Amex card would look amazing - It’s definitely the best feeling card of the lot (some of them feel cheap!)

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Here are few more which are not in Nick’s photo above


Of my cards:

Starling business is really quite nice. I think this is one of the better cards.
Starling teal is a bit meh
Starling joint old card is quite nice enough.
Monzo is a guilty pleasure - I quite like it.
Revolut - I don’t really like the glitter to be honest.

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I like the Glint one, very smart.

What is iCard?!

Are you really Tim Cook in disguise…?


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I can’t show all the numbers on my card but just to give to a sneak peek they are actually gold :sunglasses: Nice touch I think as they do gold


Ooooh, swanky!

I’ll be here all day if I took pictures of my cards, I still like my Barclays one as its my cat lol Fintech wise most are black, blues and greens just different shades, so nothing specifically exciting in them. I do like the Tandem colours.

When I get home, I’m going to choose my favourite one if I can.


The Starling Business card, without a doubt. All the goodness of the vertical personal card without the garish colour. I love the colour of the business card!