The cashless future


I like the idea of going cashless, in fact bar the local Chinese takeaway. I already am.

I just feel a bit uneasy however allowing three private American companies so much power over the payment infrastructure, in this case VISA, Mastercard and AMEX.

Would merchant transaction fees go up with them knowing there’s now little alternatives in ways to pay; also in the case of VISA and Mastercard blocking donations to Wikileaks, would they be able to call the shots on who can and can’t be paid?


Do they really hold so much power though ? Because especially in the USA the big retailers and banks, can force them to make changes. In the last few years, you have the case of Walmart, 7 11 and a few other companies that had issues, either pulled or threatened to pull Visa. Amex or Mastercard and the card companies backing down.

The problem in Europe is the companies are too regulated, so there is no way retailers have any real power. Market forces control them in the rest of the world, in Europe its regulation. It’s a very different market for the companies, that is why they don’t tend to do as much over here compared to around the world.

(Richard) #23

I’ve been 90% cashless since May… only time I seem to require cash is for going to Murrayfield for the Rugby, although that’s now changing! Some beer tents are starting to take card :smiley:

Was quite surprised in Paris how many places took card too!


I wouldn’t be :sweat_smile: Paris is a tourist destination if I’ve ever seen one, everyone takes Mastercard and Visa to keep tourists with foreign cards buying into their equivalent of PPI, DCC!


To be fair… Murrayfield is also a great historical destination.

People come from all over the world to see the place where Scotland used to be good at rugby… :grimacing:


Sorry not a sports guy, never heard of it :pray::sweat_smile:

Can’t go to somewhere that doesn’t exist :joy:

(Richard) #27

Less of that…

Wasn’t that long ago that we won this… :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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Is that a giant teapot?

(Richard) #29

Yup… we stole it from the English team last year…


You can take our lives, but you’ll never take our…

Giant teeeeeeaaaaaaappooooooottttttt!

(Derpa Derp) #31

I actually want a cup of tea now



I’ve been 95% cashless for a few years now. The main exception are local takeaways (the chippy and the Indian) and taxis (no Uber where I live :cry:)

The most infuriating place for me with cash is my golf club. You can pay your green fees by card, buy a pint with a card, and members even have a “bar card” you can top up and use through the club. But, come competition day, you still have to put £2 into a brown envelope with your name on. The most ridiculous part, if you finish high enough in the completion to have a slice of the winnings, what happens, the club puts the money on your bar card. :man_shrugging:t2::see_no_evil::gun:

(sam) #34

Start putting the £2 in coppers


But then id need to carry even more cash around! :wink:


That’s what caddies are for :wink:

(sam) #37

It does seem a bit crazy that you don’t just pay the £2 entry fee with your bar cards.
Maybe they like the coins for change at the bar.
My mum runs a coffee shop and she’s always buying change from me


Haha, I wish! Though I do have a trolley that follows me as I walk - which is as good as a caddy!

I know, drives me insane, every Sunday morning I have to stop and get cash out just to pay for the comp…!

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I spent a good hour trying to find an appropriate Caddyshack gif

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