The cashless future

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It’s not really, no.

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A bit like postal orders here then?
Kids these days eh?


Is it not? I don’t know a way that you could physically not be able to get a bank account in the United Kingdom. Unless you have no legal right to be here, anyways.


America does offer basic bank accounts as well. Bank of America offers one, and some of the other big banks do.

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An interesting article from the anti-cash side, although the guy says he can’t remember using cash, then lists three places where he still uses it, and says he withdraws £160 twice a month. :thinking::thinking:


He said he needs 200 kronor, which is about £16.

I wonder how much competition “swish” had in the Swedish market.

I feel the UK would have a similar level of success, except from there seems to be every bank doing their own thing, and none of them getting very much traction.


The undertones of racism in that article is rather amusing really. There was no need to even mention backgrounds of people.

These are all run by people with migrant backgrounds, who perhaps due to a distrust of authority brought from their homelands, or perhaps to a wish to avoid the taxman, seem most keen on cash

Maybe its just they are so used to cash, they don’t know any difference and find it hard to adapt. Plus in many countries cash is the key.


Paym is widespread if you go by the number of banks that use it, people just don’t use it in practice, I’ve never used it in my life.

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Sorry, right right 200 is £16. I read the bit about the tooth fairy as 1 kronor.
They probably spend more in cash than I do either way

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I think banks branding there paym offerings, confuses things.
I’ve never used it to send but a few people use it to send money to me.


Yeah, I definitely don’t think paym has been advertised well enough.

It’s always felt a little… “fudged together”, despite it not being.

It needs some national campaign to get people to use it - Something that every bank gets behind (not gonna happen, I appreciate that).

The UK folk are funny with their money…

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I think part of the problem with PayM is that by the time you have had the conversation about whether somebody has registered their mobile number for it or not it would have been quicker to just get their account details and send a normal faster payment.


Yes, but only if the current rate of decline continues. I’d expect the rate of decline in cash use to decrease significantly before then.

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The chancellor has now said he wants people to “have a choice” over how they spend their money.
He has also set up a group to oversee the cash system, ensuring everyone can get hold of their money in cash.

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Choice is good.


You’ve clearly never had a 10 year old “cash in” thousands of 1 and 2p coins that they’ve somehow accumulated over the last year…

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Haha. This 30 something occasionally empties his oversized nobility sports direct mug too!


You know I’m a cashless man… How the hell my kids manage to get so many coins is beyond belief!

“Dad, can I buy this on Rocket League for 1.99”

“Yeah, if you’ve got the money”…

Drops 200 1p coins on my desk and walks off…


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This genuinely made me laugh out loud! The truest form of the Lol!