The Definitive World Free ATM Guide ✈


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This is an attempt to compile a list of free ATMs around the world, making it infinitely easier for all our FintechTalk friends to travel without the stress of having to hunt down ATMs when they get to a country!

Please post in replies to this topic with things in the format "Country - ATM Provider/Bank (Native: Name in Native Language)"

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Something for those travelling to EUR or USD countries: There are some ATMs in the UK that dispense these and allow you to decline DCC (i.e. for your bank to do the conversion, rather than the ATM operator):

I have used Raphaels Bank ones before. Most of them are EUR, but there are two USD machines (Picadilly Circus & Canary Wharf).

Just make sure you refuse any attempt to convert the amount into GBP by the operator, as that’ll be costly.

Incidentally, because Monzo’s charges are based on ATM location rather than ATM currency, any withdrawal of foreign currency in the UK will not affect your free allowance.


Time to bankrupt Monzo by withdrawing thousands of USD :wink:

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Slovenia - Abanka and NLB were both free and worked for me