The evolution of Monzo Chat

This makes sense if a lot of people are asking questions that have obvious answers in their help section but you have to start questioning things when they start mentioning sustainability.

I presume this will annoy a lot of people as well if it makes it more difficult to just talk to a person.


In glad I got out when I did, I can literally now call someone at 2am and get help within minutes.

Monzo I’m waiting hours, being passed around and having a bot annoy me.


Lots of people are going to dislike this - and I would too - but I think it’s a logical step for them to take. They clearly have issues with scaling customer support, so something had to be done.

Still, just like @thom_horne I’m glad I can reach my banks at any time of the day and be through to a human within minutes…

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You can also call Monzo. I’ve never had reason to, but they do have a customer service telephone number.

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Fair enough. I think historically their phone support used to be useless, and so I keep forgetting about them.

But I understand it has improved recently, so you may very well be right.

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Could solve this with a small fee?


Oh… yes… I had a problem last year… totally useless. They asked me to email them.
My friend lost his phone and his Monzo card… there was so many questions before they cancelled his card…

It’s how companies are going, with suggesting things first. I think that is a great idea, when they actually understand what you are asking, but they generally don’t.

The only exception of one that really works is the Amazon Seller one, it will give you a complete breakdown of suggestions and even include ones from its seller forums. Because of that, you often find your answer without the need of contacting them.

However some of the live chat options with suggestions, like Royal Mail are so limited they are pointless.