The fitness tracker thread

I’m sure there must be more than just me here that runs, goes to the gym etc.

I saw a post recently on dc rainmaker’s website that showed that the majority of runners who do 10k or marathon races use Garmin trackers, the remaining majority being Suunto, Polar and the posers Apple watches.

Quick poll: For tracking sports which tracker do you use?

  • Garmin
  • Suunto
  • Polar
  • Apple
  • Fitbit
  • TomTom
  • Samsung
  • Other

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These days I do my running at the gym, so I’ve not really had to use the GPS run tracking in anger, but I use: is my Pixel 3a.

Last time I ran outside I was still tracking with RunKeeper on my Nexus 5x.

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I tried running at the gym twice and hated it. On the treadmill plodding along, no scenery, no view of the outside. Hate hate hate.

I’m more than happy running along the streets and the nearby forests though. Much more fun and last summer I saw, on more than one occasion, women skinny dipping in the local river :smile:

I like running outside, but my knees don’t.

I live on the edge of a town and have the luck of being able to run out into the open countryside - I’ve got three ready-made routes that I can use a 5km, 7km and a 10km… They just screw up my knee if I don’t look after myself.

The treadmill can be boring, but I park myself in front of one of the TVs. Usually have Sky News on the treadmill itself (or latterly the World Cup) and the TV usually has a terrible old film on ITV4. I’m not really watching either, just trying to distract myself.

I only restarted running last year after thirty-odd years of smoking and putting on weight. After I hit 80kgs that was when I decided to do something about it.

Since April last year after running 2km and thinking my heart was trying to escape I’ve stopped smoking, lost 10 kgs, do at least three 10km runs a week and have done a few half marathons. I feel so much better.

Knees are good, achilles tendon gets over-stretched once a year generally at the beginning of the warm weather and the bald head gets a good tan!

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Sports ≠ Exercise!

I have a Peloton bike which stores all my activity, and shares it with Apple Health and Strava (and also supports FitBit).


Good on you for getting out there and doing something about it.

I was a chunky teenager and got down to a healthy weight in my early 20s - Mostly through running. Fast forward to my early (mid) 30s and at the beginning of 2018 I was at 106kg and feeling pretty bad for it.

Currently 88kg, so about 4kg away from being a BMI ‘healthy’ weight - but I am getting there and I feel so much better for it. Running a couple of 10kms a week and topping up with the odd 5 or 7 definitely helps.

RunKeeper is where I have all my run history, it goes as far back as 2009.

I’m pretty anal about tracking weight and fitness activities. These tracker apps are brilliant for somebody who is really competitive with themselves. Currently using a combination of RunKeeper, Google Fit and my gym’s myWellness.

I was really pleased with myself last night as I managed to beat my previous best 10km pace - from 2011… from a time when I consider myself to have been the fittest I’ve ever been.

Well done. I’m not the fastest person in the world but I manage to average about 6:15 per km. Not too shoddy for a 53 year old bloke.


That’s a pricey toy!

Toys are fun, this is in no way a toy :smile:

Means I am able to do some exercise despite being too lazy to leave home :rofl: - it certainly isn’t cheap, but means I’m doing 3 or 4 workouts a week and burning 2000+ calories each week that I wouldn’t otherwise being doing. If you’re able to get motivated and enjoy doing other things, good for you!

Oh, I also track my weight via a Withings scale - interesting to see my weight fluctuations on a graph over the last 9 years.

I was a skinny teenager with shortish legs and long body. By the time I was getting towards 30 I had put on some weight and was starting to be overweight. I didn’t do much about it until I was in my early 40s and then lost quite a bit and used a treadmill and weights. I didn’t mind the treadmill and listed to audiobooks. It was nice getting compliments about how much better I looked but…

Life got in the way and then I put the weight on again (lack of exercise and poor eating - all my own fault ) and a couple of years ago my doctor told me I should really lose some weight or I would end up permanently on blood pressure medication.

So I am currently 106 kg and trying hard to lose 20-25kg but not always succeeding. I use a rowing machine now (I decided to get a good one) as it gives a good overall workout, and I do some weights. I feel much better just losing the bit of weight I have and the cardio work shows in how much easier it is to just do everyday tasks around the house and at work.

The rowing data is captured by ErgData and shared with MyFinessPal and the Apple Health app. On the rowing machine my heart rate is monitored by a Polar device and shared with ErgData etc. etc.

I’ve thought about getting an Apple Watch but I am not entirely sure what for? What might I find it beneficial for… or is it pointless for what I do?


That’s good going. Hope I’ll still be interested enough in fitness in 20 years. I’m a lazy bugger by nature so probably not!

Thanks, I am by no means the fastest either. My pace last night was 05:23/km - I am over the moon with this but over the full 10km I am still slower than the current pace of the lad I used to go running with. I need to work out whether I should work on improving my time or arrange for him to have an unfortunate accident to level the field. Jury’s out.

Cant vouch for Apple, but while both my watch and Google Fit can work out when I am on a treadmill or an exercise bike - rowing machines confuse the crap out of them.

Knowing you’re being tracked though could make you make better choices through your day though.

I do tend to walk a bit quicker or run up the stairs or not take the car some times just because I like seeing myself get closer to my daily targets. I suppose they’ve ‘gamified’ fitness in that respect.

Yep. I park at the opposite end of car parks to the building I am going to so that I can get some extra steps in! :slight_smile:

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I use an Apple Watch Series 4 and it’s made a huge difference to my fitness. I walk 10 miles most mornings and gym every other day and I’m obsessed with closing my Apple Watch rings. Life literally has to stop if my rings are behind target.

I’m so obsessed that my precious Rolex Deep Sea is sitting in the bottom of a drawer gathering dust as if I wear it for longer than an hour, it affects my rings and numbers and I feel like I’m missing out.

'kin hell… must cost you a fortune in shoes!

Doesn’t your watch work alongside your phone? With GFit I am Move Mins and heart points whether regardless of whether I have my watch on and my phone in my pocket or just have one of the two.

Hahaha, didn’t we already establish in the ‘coming out’ thread that I’m light in my lofas?

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I run ultra marathons

How “ultra”? I’m toying with the idea of doing a 36km next year.

Just to do a bit of boasting coz I’m an old bugger (53) and an ex smoker.

4 PB’s broken last night though the GPS did go a bit daft towards the end of the race route when we went through Luzhniki stadium (where the world cup final was played last year). Apparently it was the first athletics event to go through the stadium since 2013.


Maybe someone can use this. £50 prepaid Mastercard with purchase of new Edge 530 or 830 bike computer.