The FlexPlus Is Unbeatable For Value

I’ve just recently upgraded my FlexDirect to a FlexPlus. I know the FlexPlus is very highly regarded and there’s other users as well with this.

Considering you get just as core features. :

Mobile Phone Insurance
Travel Insurance
Car Breakdown Cover
Fee-Free ATM withdrawals abroad
Fee-Free card spending in foreign currencies

All this for £13 a month. Is this the best packaged account on the market? I can’t think of any other offering out there that will give you better value.

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If you genuinely can make the most of all the features then yes it is very good value for money. When they removed the interest I downgraded to the FlexDirect as I have breakdown along with my car anyway and my employer can pay my travel insurance as I usually travel mostly for them anyway. There are other debit cards with free ATM withdrawals and transactions.

However, as an all-in-one product it generally is still good value for money.

The only expensive item is mobile phone insurance but as that is usually covered in household contents insurance it’s mostly worthless.
Breakdown cover is £60 a year, Worldwide Travel insurance is about £35 a year.

Plenty of banks and credit cards offer cash withdrawals and purchases abroad for free.

Particularly excellent value if you need family cover. But this is a bit irritating if you don’t as you’re effectively subsidising those who do (since you will generally claim less).

I wish they provided two prices. A higher price for those who need family cover and a lower price for those who don’t.

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FlexPlus is unbeatable. Even if you just had two phones in your household, say a Pixel and an iPhone, that would make it £6.50 per phone. That’s without considering the travel insurance and breakdown cover. I’ve looked everywhere and nothing comes close to FlexPlus.

In the last year, I claimed on the travel insurance after a trip to the States, called them out when my wife’s car broke down and had my wife’s and daughter’s phones repaired. No hassle at all. The cover is excellent.

First directory has very similar benefits for £15 a month.

For a single person no packaged account offers any real benefit unless you use everything in it, for a family or couple then FlexPlus is great value.

Phone insurance on my household insurance is £5 extra month.
Annual travel insurance is £32
Breakdown insurance comes with car insurance.

So there would be absolutely no use to me in a package account.

However they do offer value to that group of people they are aimed for, anyone else is never going to save money.

FlexPlus is purely aimed at families, that is understandable, Nationwide is all about being a family,

Who insures you?

My minimum insurance with Zurich is going to cost £100+ annually due to some anxiety and depression being recognized as a pre-existing condition if they’ve given you medication for it…

Some insurers like Pluto won’t even touch me

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I only needed European travel insurance this year, so mine was £12 for the year.

It does seem pretty unfair to jack-up the price north of £100 for declaring that you’ve been treated for anxiety. Afterall, I’d imaging that’s not a condition that you’d easily get an ‘all-clear’ on and so will likely have to declare that for life?

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Things largely depend on what the under writer is prepared to cover.

My folks used to have RBS Gold (way back before it became select platinum), my mum suffers from Crohn’s which RBS Gold travel insurance used to cover… then she hit 50. Then they wanted £100 to supplement to cover it.

They found cheaper insurance elsewhere and have long since ditched RBS

There are lots of its, buts and conditions around this on many insurers’ home insurance offerings, so it pays to check very carefully.

My phone only cost £150, so I haven’t found any mobile phone insurance that’s worth it :wink:


There is actually a lot of insurers that will cover you. Boots Travel Insurance, Staysure don’t have exclusions for most medical conditions just to name two. Barclays Travel pack and Travel pack plus also cover anxiety and depression providing you declare it before a trip.

Agree with the sentiment - I also rarely see the value in a packaged account for one person. Having said that, I do open and close them on occasion (and have had a FlexPlus account open for the last few months) for a few reasons -

  1. I tend to go on silly trips (marathons in the Arctic and adventure holidays and the like) and most travel insurers charge extra for those kind of activities, whereas packaged current accounts often have surprisingly thorough worldwide cover by default. So I’ll have a packaged current account open especially in years where I’m expecting to do more than one big trip.

  2. They also tend to cover more pre-existing medical conditions (which just makes life easier if my asthma has been playing up as I don’t have to go through such an arduous screening process or pay extra for the privilege of taking multiple inhalers or additional medications).

  3. Their mobile cover tends to have far higher limits than home insurance (my home insurance covers my mobile up to £500 with a £200 excess, whereas from memory Nationwide are something like £1500 of cover with a £75 excess) - so if you have an expensive phone that’s important.

So yes, agree all-in-all that as a single person they don’t tend to be great value, but I’ve found that in circumstances where you want more than just “average” travel insurance or you want to cover an expensive phone, they are worth considering :slight_smile:

EDIT: Also, I should have said, there is value in the ease of it all. If you’re arranging a big trip then killing many birds with one stone is less hassle and IMHO worth a small premium (yes, first world problem, I know!)

Is that for all mobiles within the home? I thought it was just the account holder’s.

That is correct. So if there are joint account holders multiple phones would be covered but not their children’s.

Yeah but I don’t want to pay 3x a premium - I’ve never been a danger to myself or anyone else

The very nature of the illness is there is a risk, insurance is based on risk. There is bound to be some insurance that doesn’t put up premiums though, just not likely to be a packaged one.

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That’s not what some on here would say :wink:


What risk am I? I’ve never been hospitalized nor have I had time off of class although it was recommended

Literally just medication and a clean bill of health presumably after my prescription runs out in 2020