The Monzo Forum thread

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Thought it was time for a dedicated thread related to the Monzo community.

I am creating this because I want to make an active attempt to avoid the situation whereby any other Monzo topic will eventually drift into being a discussion of what’s going on on the forum.

I’ll be merging a lot of posts from other threads into here.

Starling blocked me on twitter... for no reason whatsoever
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I can see tomorrow’s headline…

However… unique… difficult… bemusing… this chap is, there really should be a strict rule that when a COps comes on a thread customers stop posting and move on. This is the exact pack mentality used on the journalists, it’s intimidating and nasty.

Monzo raises £85m
(Liam) #3

There’s nothing wrong with that article. It states a bunch of stuff that has actually happened.

No sensationalist tone and not at all editorialised.

The story is that the CEO won’t intervene to stop people using their Monzo overdrafts to buy untradable Monzo shares, this is a fact and Tom’s gone on the record in a post to his own blog.

It’s fine. It is in essence what a news item should be…

Factual, with context, balanced by an opposing view.

What would you expect the journo to have done?

Attacking a journalist because you don’t like how the truth looks harms us all.


The follow up piece was fine.

The initial article stating that Monzo has leant money to customers to buy shares was tenchincally incorrect (as it hasn’t happened yet).

“Monzo has no problem with people going into debt to buy Monzo shares” would be arguably more accurate, although that’s still basing the argument on the fact that Monzo haven’t removed overdrafts for this, which isn’t necessarily the same as endorsing the use of them (and to be fair, they have indeed advised against such things).

I was following this train wreck as it was going.

Personally, it should have been shut down straight away, and efforts should have been made to contact the customer privately.

The fact that Monzo staff took so much time over it, possibly highlights a failing in their customer management training, which undoubtedly adds to the current wait times.

I’m not one for censorship in general, but if you want to be taken seriously as a bank, it has to start with the customer facing element.

From that thread, I’m a little embarrassed as a customer.

Edit - To add to the above, Monzo seem to get an amazing amount of threads from users like this.

I’m sure most of them are trolling to a degree, but I wonder if the fact that a Monzo account is very easy to open (something they pride themselves on), actually causes more harm than good for a lot of people.

(Liam) #5

It was probably a figure of speech, but I don’t get why you’d be embarrassed to be a Monzo customer over that thread.

Its shameful, for sure. But it in no way reflects on its customers, only the way in which the community is being (mis)managed and possibly the corporate ethos.

But it’s a bank… A service you take from a supplier. You have no moral responsibility for it.

Its not a Religion, Country, ideological cause or even a sports team.

He’ll, I’m still a NatWest customer, yet take no responsibility for their corporate rancidity!!


Embarrassed in the sense that the whole thing was just so… naive?

I mean, I’m not emotionally attached (to anything if you asked my wife), but especially my bank.

It’s just so painful to see so many threads like that on a weekly basis!

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Incidentally, and despite what people may think I have no desire to kick them when they’re down, but I was a little concerned when reading the thread about that guy and his card that there was a guy complaining that his support messages were saying ‘sent’ in the app, but that COps had no record of them at their end.

There is no way to verify any of it of course, but given what a mess the new chat system seems to be at this point it doesn’t seem implausible to me, it’s a worry that it could be a wider problem and people are waiting days for messages that aren’t even actually getting to COps.

I’ll try hunt down the tweets…

Edit: all I can find is millions of tweets from Monzo community people making wild accusations that it’s all a conspiracy and such atm, I’ll look when I’m back on my MacBook

(Tom) #8

The support problems and the new chat are a big problem for Monzo. It seems crazy that they chose to roll out the change to chat while they were so short handed.

Plus they’ve been actively pushing for MORE signups lately.


Several months ago some people on Monzo forum were writing love letters to Monzo and describing how Monzo make them feel. The same people were heavily criticising Revolut for their problems with CS due to the rapid growth. They are strangely silent now when more and more users join Monzo forum just to get help.

Monzo forum starts looking like Revolut’s did a few months ago.

(Tom) #10

Fair play to Beth for going out of her way on her day off to try and help though.


I have to say, Beth is a star. Always ready to help and advise.

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Couldn’t agree more. An army of Beth’s and less of… others, and I’d be far more positive. Aside from an odd set-to with @Nick where she seemed to in a roundabout way accuse him of lying about not marking his message urgent, all the more bizarre that he was giving them praise for replying fast if I remember correctly (Correct me if I’ve got the details wrong @Nick) I’ve always thought she was exactly what they should all be; human and not robotic, good sense of humour, keen to help, and most importantly pretty anonymous in that we don’t know the twists and turns of her life and every situation doesn’t become about her. A star indeed @anon72537109.


I couldn’t agree more! I would love to see her to visit this forum more often. :smile:

(sam) #14

It’s threads like this that show why starling closed their forum


That’s correct indeed :grinning:

Threads like that just highlight what a no win situation it is for the COPS though.

If the guy is legit, it just looks like a catastrophic issue from Monzo, all be it one that has been exasperated by a user who is struggling to understand the situation.

If he’s not legit, it just looks like a waste of time and effort in a time where responses are seemingly hard to come by.

It’s also worth pointing out that Monzo usually very quickly shut down these threads with a quick message to take it offline or not at all (or words to that effect), which I think is the best thing to do.

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Found the tweet I was referring to in this post:

It seems very worrying that any blip in the system could lead people to think that their messages had been sent when they haven’t, and more worrying that aside from this purported screenshot i’ve seen no word from Monzo that this is an issue, even if a very small one. It does make you wonder if this is not an isolated issue.


Good grief. I need to stop visiting Monzo community. After reading today’s discussions on moderation and crowdfunding drama, no doubts I will have a bad start to the new week. Good grief, again. They need help.


I honestly think there is little point in posting over there if you have very strong feelings against how they run things.

We aren’t going to change things, despite how we may feel about the situation.

But, we do have an opportunity to make this place a much fairer, more balanced forum - Something that Monzo will never achieve due to the simple fact it’s a Monzo forum.

However, no one is going to want to post here, if we have users who seemingly go over there for no other reason than to call them out on every little thing they disagree with, whilst simultaneously stating they have no interest in their product.

@Liam showed there is little opportunity for a balanced debate, and did the right thing by stepping back from the circular conversation.

It would be a shame if this forum ended up being known as the “anti Monzo forum”, because of the posts that are happening over there.

We’ve had some really good users join from over there, some still opting for Monzo as their main account - It would be great to have more of them join and present a different angle to the discussion here at times.

Ignore their trolls, ignore what you don’t like about them, and if you don’t use them at all, perhaps ignore them altogether?

(Liam) #20

Ah, I tried.

I thought if I could try to take the emotion out of it (which I still don’t get) and focus on the underlying problem then people would engage.

All that happened was five people jumped at the chance to enforce the message, high-fiving eachother as they went.

I was chuffed when the person who has had about 10 accounts banned over here for harassing and verbally abusing members popped up. Kinda proved the point.

Elsewhere I did notice that a coral crew member was took the opportunity to mock one posters font choice instead of to offer help on the matter they’d asked for help on.

People from Monzo must be able to see what’s going on there. It’s plain to see.

If they are going to continue allowing a (well intentioned but way off the mark) clique to tarnish Monzo’s hard won friendly image, then there’s nobody else to blame.

A company that cannot step in to manage a PR disaster being played out in slow motion, is not one that is investable…


The attitude amongst some over there is very much a “we’ll support each other regardless” type attitude. The “likes” that are automatically reciprocated before a post has even been read shows how they think.

As for that user, who ironically drove someone to delete their account yesterday (not for the first time), I find it incredible that Simon can write that massive long speech about how people conduct themselves on the internet, whilst ignoring this users consistent trolling, aggressive, bullying behaviour.

Is it because he’s pro Monzo? Who knows, perhaps he has other ties to people at Monzo.

It’s hard to take the moderators seriously when they ignore stuff like that though.

To be fair to Richard (Cook), he acknowledges there is a problem with some users, and I believe they are looking to do something about it.

But until I see something solid, I won’t hold my breath.

Like I said, it’s probably best to ignore their forum if it’s not enjoyable, and you just end up arguing with everyone.

It would be like a Man City fan trying to reason with Man Utd fans… on a Man Utd forum.