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You spelled TSB wrong smh

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The problem with the Monzo forum is, that there appears to be a maturity issue there. Some of the carp posted is quite literally, unbelievable, the utterings of some, not all I hasten to add, who appear to have little life experience or common sense. I’m sorry if that comes across as harsh, but unfortunately that is the impression that often comes across. The constant cooing and ahhhing over a banking product is a bit tiresome to be honest. If someone flashed their Monzo card or indeed any banking card at me, plastic, metal or otherwise, I’d probably tut and mutter something disgracefully obnoxious under my breath. I cannot abide pretentious look at me types who think people actually care what they pull out of their purse or wallet. At the end of the day, they’re just a bank.

I’m a Starling customer, but I don’t get flushes and feelings of awesomeness from their product. They’re good and what’s more, they no longer have a forum and that in my opinion is good too.


I think this is the key. Take this post:

The OP clearly was a berk letting half his neighbourhood know his PIN, but commenters are so incredibly desperate to paint Monzo in a positive light that most of them are not even reading the OP properly.

He’s saying they weren’t very helpful because the chat is crap, which we all know, and that having started off replying quickly, they then just stopped replying, again, something we know happens. He then says Monzo gave him £30, which I’m willing to bet was because of the crappy chat and resulting poor CS, not anything to do with the fraud. If they’re not even going through the motions with regards to the “fraud”, that is poor, but I don’t know if they have to since he’s admitted people knew his PIN or can just say no and leave it there, but most of his post is about how poor the CS was, not that they didn’t give him it all back, only at the very end does he reference that.

The commenters are rounding on him because he was an idiot, which I’m sure he knows at this point, instead of focusing and acknowledging the point he was making because it would portray Monzo in a negative light. They’re two different issues.

You got to that post before me.

I’m not even surprised at this latest post to be perfectly honest, but that for me just sums up the Monzo forum. I genuinely hope that Monzo have the good sense to terminate his account.

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Not sure what is so poor about the customer service (we have no timeframes), he had delays on chat, he phones up to complain, they give him £30 to say sorry.

I don’t actually think they should have given the £30 while he is claiming fraud, it sets a precedence. He could block the card in app, he could cancel the card in app, he can order a replacement in app. He complained because hes claiming fraud, no bank is going to refund in the case of someone using an account with full permission (giving someone your pin is giving permission)

Because we don’t know time frames we can’t actually make an assumption that it was a poor service. People when annoyed, like he would have been, would want instant replies.

All Monzo should have said was, if you are claiming theft, you need to report it to the police and cancel your card. They don’t need to get any more involved than that.

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I think I’m more stunned that the OP has gone onto a public forum and admitted that he knowingly gave his pin number to his so called ‘friends’ or housemates or whatever they are. It’s gross negligence end of.

No matter what Monzo CS did to initially deal with the complaint, they should never have stooped so low as to give out 30 quid because their own CS might not have been up to par on that particular occasion. It would appear none of this actually has anything to do with Monzo, it’s merely the rage of someone who appears by their own admission, to have spectacularly failed on a personal responsibility level.


I believe that the customer service was in this case poor… I mean who would give a person any compensation whatsoever for fraud that happened because of their negligence!

I’m guessing the COP or whatever Monzo call their CS staff may not have had all the facts at the time? We’ll never know I guess?

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Stupid thread, stupid person for giving his pin number out.

Not fraud pure negligence, Monzo should not have given any money.


The best thing Monzo can do now, is to terminate the OP’s bank account.

I literally cannot wait for next unbelievable thread involving someone admitting their own apparent gross stupidity, to pop up on the Monzo forum. Quite honestly, it’s embarrassing.


Monzo is everyone’s friend so probably thought they’d give all the money back and just say it’s okay we all make mistakes :joy:


I’m in tears :joy::joy::joy:

What annoys me about that thread or threads of that ilk are where people are all… “so sorry this has happened” or “I’m sorry to hear this” and go off on a tangent like they know all or work for Monzo and then tag Monzo staff at the end with comments like "maybe @xxxx can have a look for you.

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I really think some of them believe they do…


There really should be a rule on that community that anything account specific will be automatically closed and to go through the right customer service channels.

I’m finding the thread funnier now that the OP is being advised to go to the police.

Yeahhh, let’s see how that would play. Turn up at the police station, Station Enquiry Officer takes an initial report, nips out the back, Duty Sergeant sends out an overworked PC to take a witness statement who shuffles IP into an interview and proceeds to take a s.9 and gets to the point where IP admits to giving out his pin number to his ahhh ‘mates’. PC X says, cheers for that, stick your signature down there and nips back to Duty Sergeant who then instructs PC X to sit at a terminal and spend an hour creating a case file when he or she should be taking scrotes off the street.

The police have got proper work to do.

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If he is claiming fraud then he should go to the police though not Monzo.

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You don’t give £30 for a fraud issue. That’s complaints money so they can close the complaint. The complaint being apparently the customer service issue.

We all know Monzo CS is shit though but with comments like this

Makes it appear that they are/were expecting Monzo ro refund the whole lot back which they don’t have to do.

Then dropping this comment

We don’t know the conversation but if he got £30 then case closed but again as above he must have expected the whole lot back and not liked the response hence the post.


I’m going to go with people are idiots. All of them :smile: