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I actually find it genuinely sad that with all that’s happening people still trust monzo in this way. Seems to be completely out of touch with reality, and I just hope for them that they don’t get to learn that the hard way…


Can someone translate please :neutral_face:

He is treating a bank like a charity?

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This just got flagged by the people that love to burn money :joy_cat:

Not my fault it’s a true story

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Another day, another “issue” on the plus front. I wonder if any policies are now invalid…


Typical Monzo bollocks, release yet another messed up product incomplete product.

Really does show it’s all about dollar dollar bill yo


I had originally assumed that they had forgotten to request some info from the customer - hence my comment about invalid policies. Reading it again it sounds like they might have forgotten to disclose some info to the customers. That’d be astonishing failure from the compliance side…

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Already got people defending this ‘bug’ thing :joy_cat: :roll_eyes:

It really annoys me (and yes, @Liam, I know it’s unreasonable to be annoyed by this, but I am a human, I’m allowed to be unreasonable from time to time) that people just assume those sort of things. The myth of the legacy banks being out to screw you, and/or charging here, there, and everywhere, while Monzo is there to help you out is just so wrong.

I feel we need a site to clear up those monzo myths, like “other banks just hang you out to dry, when you lose your card abroad”, or “with other banks you have to be held in a queue for half an hour everytime you call them”, or “I save so much in fees by being with monzo”.

Anyways, that’s my morning rant taken care off. Time to wake the kid for school…


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So this is what the closures notices look like :eyes:

Shut down immediately… :roll_eyes:

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Yeah coz

all it will be is speculation


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And unlisted

I wish we did have more users on here but tbh but those types of threads really would just descend in to a madness.

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I’m sorry, I forgot to mention the Spice Girls to make it all about me. My bad

which isn’t helpful when someone clearly has stated they have MH issues. They don’t need people asking what they did


Go on then, what helpful comment are you going to think of to help them? Or did you just want to pontificate