The Monzo Forum thread

I’ll second that.
Administration on here can be like herding cats sometime. :scream_cat:*

*Wouldn’t normally feel the need to emoji… But it is a Monzo thread.


As a relatively new user to this and several other fin tech forums, I’m glad the forum is doing well - it’s good to have one which is not provider controlled.

One suggestion though - I have found some recent threads where have you (I think!) have made comments that I found slightly jarring with direct comparisons to other forums which I didn’t think were really necessary such as:

And thought it kinda lowered the tone slightly. I’m not aware of the history of this forum or its interactions with others and wasn’t going to say anything but given your previous post I hope you will take this constructively.


Totally agree and can see your point of view. Apologies if it didn’t come across like that.

It’s why I’ve deleted/edited some of my more critical posts. I just don’t want it put off new potential users.

I just think it’d be nice for everybody from now on, to talk about the positives of each fintech, and not use it as a venting chamber, as I think that’s what will be key if we really want this place to grow.

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Understood, point taken. It was meant maybe partly in jest to diffuse the situation, but I can see why it would be less than helpful.

It’s fair to say though that the other place has got it’s self a bit of a reputation. Be that rightly or wrongly. But I did not need to go there.


I do accept that Monzo provides a much different outlook than the legacy banks and any competition that gets people out of the legacy rut is not a bad thing really.

Also, I do think both Monzo and Starling will become profitable within the next few years.

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One of the reasons I value fintechtalk is that it’s inclusive of people that Monzo have excluded from their forum community.

I don’t like the suggestion that we should be prevented from criticising Monzo, or how they run their “community forum”.

There needs to be a forum where people can come, safe in the knowledge they can express themselves freely. This is that place. Please don’t change.


Camy_93 gone then?

He’s being upgraded to Camy_94 :joy:

(Joke, no idea where he’s gone).

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He asked to have his account made anonymous earlier today. He said to say he has some other stuff on right now, including his uni work and thought it was best to take a break from internet forums.

Personally don’t get the drastic need to anon the account… But that’s his choice, and I suppose it removes temptation when he needs to focus on his work.

Hope he’ll be back at some point when it’s best for him.


I posted some feedback on why I closed my Monzo account - very diplomatic I thought. Someone responded with, “Not disappointed at all Dan, cya”. I don’t want to tar everyone with the same brush as I’ve found most people on their forum to be perfectly reasonable but it’s attitudes like that that really get up my nose. Very close to asking Monzo to delete my account and all posts made by me.


To my knowledge, they’ve never done this - They just anonymise the account.

I’ve been waiting for over 30 hours now for Richard to come back to me - Despite him being the one who instigated the contact in the first place… :roll_eyes:


He’s probably been in crisis meetings all day today to figure how to punish the poor guy that called the CC condescending (and how to deal with the “backlash” to Monzo Plus.)


I’m tempted to make a website and do an expose on my issues :joy:


Live scenes from that meeting…


Team up with Omarr? :wink:


Now there’s an idea!

I’ll give him until the end of the day to respond, and then I’ll show you what I was given a final (first, final and only ever), warning for… Before they “remove me” from the community…


A warning?! To you?! Out of all people?! Have they completely lost their mind!? I can’t even! I want to know more!


A final warning on the first go… :astonished:

Huge if true! :wink:

I can’t imagine why you would receive a warning… I’d be banning some of the CC if I had my way…


I’ll give him 36 hours to respond (considering I replied to him straight away), that seems overly fair…

Wait until you see the post that I was warned for…

Not only did I not break any rules, they are breaking their own rules (code of conduct), by putting words in my mouth, assuming the tone of the message and not reading the content…

Will be interesting to see what they say, but I ultimately have no desire to be part of a forum that is run and moderated in that way…


Seems the “disaster meeting” is over…

You might get your response “soon”

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Is that a FinTech soon of “in the next 6 months?” or an actual soon? lol.

FWIW (and I know this is the wrong thread), does that post actually answer anything other than tell us the extra costs of travel insurance and emergency cash?

£6 plus £8 for those 2 and you now, officially, have the worst packaged account in all of banking.