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I was looking forward to it! Sadly my husky is undergoing chemo at the moment and we had to take a trip to the vet at the last minute. False alarm, but I’m naturally a bit jittery about her so overreact just in case. I was looking forward to coming though.Especially if the great SimonB was in the house! I’d got my tales of the occasions I worked with Prince all ready!

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That’s the most sad and pathetic thing I’ve read so far this month. :joy:

See if he gives you a second warning for posting the first one. How precious and petty that first one is it wouldn’t surprise me remotely :see_no_evil:


Where are the emojis in that DM?


The Monzo forum is a very big reason why I no longer use Monzo. It was never possible to have a sensible discussion of any view that might be taken as a criticism. I had behind the scenes discussions with Mr Cook and found him very bland. My account is now anonymised and I no longer visit. I still have a Monzo account that hasn’t been used since August.

As to the future, it is obvious that Tom Blomfield has little real world experience to be able to understand what the banking masses need. The institutional investors are pressing to reduce costs and make some income. If he doesn’t bring in sufficient real world bankers I can only see this ending very ugly or as a niche subscription bank.

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Now @camy_93, this is a formal warning, we’re not angry with you, just disappointed. We know you won’t reoffend but, just so you know what happens…

Hope that’s all clear…? :angry:

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I think people on here really should stop mocking the Monzo forum and their rules, its not fair nor is it very nice.

We are supposed to all be adults here lets all act like it.


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I agree. Commenting on another community is one thing, and linking to discussions that might be of interest are another but I’ve felt for the last few days certain individuals are going out of their way to antagonise the Monzo community to prove a point.

I don’t see what value this thread brings to FintechTalk other than to artificially create rivalry between the two.


You didn’t see the sarcasm in the post?? :confused::confused:

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Agreed. It’s playground stuff.

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I did, but take the sarcastic tone out of it and it stands as a valid comment.


And is going to prevent Fintechtalk from developing into anything more than the anti-Monzo forum

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I don’t understand. I think there’s some text missing from your post?

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I’ve actually had some interesting chats on there today.

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My post?

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Nope - I can quote again now…


Despite your efforts to make this forum neutral, it has a very anti-Monzo tone.

A lot of that is fuelled by members going over there and bickering and then coming back here and moaning about it. Like you say, playground stuff.

If Fintechtalk is to become truly a neutral and balanced forum, more Monzo users need to get involved over here. At the moment, its not surpising that they don’t. If things don’t change, this will just be the anti-monzo forum.

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If you were me, what would you do?
How can you help me to promote FintechTalk as a non-partisan platform?


I don’t necessarily think it needs more Monzo users, although that wouldn’t hurt.

I think it just needs people to forget the Monzo forum exists, objectively look at Monzo as a bank and what they offer, and use that analysis when comparing with other FinTechs.

On paper, Monzo has gone from one of the very best, to arguably one of the worst when it comes to features vs costs.

That’s fine to state such an opinion - In part, because some of it is factual.

You’ll never be able to put a value on how people feel about it though (for me, I still prefer the Monzo app and the CS has always been excellent).

It’s definitely OK not to like Monzo - The majority of dislike on this forum comes from the dislike of their forum and how Monzo is perceived by “the masses”.

Get rid of this thread, encourage users to discuss features and not forums (even if that’s a Monzo feature which is very underwhelming, of which there are a number currently).

There really is a small core group here, and if we all chipped in to help keep that tone, the Monzo forum would be a distant memory to those who don’t like it, and never will.

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Wasn’t this supposed to be a Starling replacement?


I’m not sure.

But I think the users of Fintechtalk should consider whether they want this to be a welcoming non-partisan forum or an anti-monzo forum. If the former they should spend less time discussing (in a very repetitive way) their negative views on monzo (and in particular their community users) and more time on the wider world of fintech. If the latter, carry on I suppose.

I suspect this would help