The Monzo Forum thread

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I agree that we all have a role to play in making sure this place is objective, civil and welcoming.

As things stand though, I’m not planning to close this thread or delete it. In fact I have taken to deliberately dumping off-topic digs at the Monzo forum on other threads into here to stop the rest of the boards from becoming polluted.

I’ve said before that I will always err on the side of free speech, except were individuals are being attacked, content is of dubious legality or they are (overly) profane.

Shutting conversation down because I don’t like the prevailing wind is not my style.

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Closure of Starling’s forum was clearly the inspiration, but it’s called fintechtalk, not starlingtalk.

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Let’s not start deleting threads, eh?

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I have to say, my issue here is that it’s fine for people to complain about what they don’t like, but that that MUST go hand in hand with an making an effort to create things they do like. To be very clear this is not aimed at anyone particular, more just a general comment on life, but there is no less value than someone who sits on the sidelines complaining about the negatives but doing nothing to enhance things themselves. Don’t like the content or tone thereof? How many topics have you (again, generic non specific ‘you’) created that will inspire people to chat about other things than Blomfield’s business and it’s community? It’s a big wide world of fintech, especially if you include finance and technology too, let’s ALL start creating other things to talk about and these old topics will die, but complaining about what you don’t like but doing nothing to counter it is of no use to anyone, that’s how I see it at least.

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I was going to suggest this but I was also expecting to berate me for suggesting thread deletion :blush:


I didn’t say delete :wink: - I’d personally rather encourage constructive conversation on the many FinTech conversations that can be had, rather than read the Monzo forum, and then come here to read reactions about the Monzo forum.

Very valid point - There are SO many new things we can talk about - Features, new apps, services etc etc etc, that there could definitely be a better balance.

It’s easy to get consumed in the pettiness of certain aspects - Especially when multiple people feel the same way (justified or not).

It doesn’t have to be a place of constant happiness and positivity, but it would be a more welcoming place if the Monzo stuff was kept on the Monzo forum!


I quite enjoy a berating from

It’s full of French flair and garlic…

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You’d better hope your wife never sees that, she’s never sussed about our secret berating sessions, don’t want to give the game away now.


It’s fine, she doesn’t speak French.


Edit… Just realised how wholly inappropriate that French stick is…

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You love it when I give you the French stick and you know it.


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French stick? I thought more a petit pain
@liam I’m up for having the past few posts deleted forever :weary:
I’ll never be able to look at a French stick in the same way.

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Would anybody genuinely object that much to this thread being deleted/hidden and if so why?

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I would. For reasons already expressed.

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I don’t care


Censorship for the sake of censorship serves no purpose other than to cause ill feeling.

This thread is causing no harm, people can choose to post in it or not. If you are not interested then you choose to turn of the track feature at the bottom.

This thread is clearly about the Monzo forum, its obvious that lots are not going to be happy in here because of the way they are treated on the Monzo forum, if they want to rant or complain, let them do it in here and not elsewhere on this forum.

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Delete the whole forum and start again :eyes:

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But harsh… Just to try rid yourself of the French stick reference?

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I disagree… if the aim to be a impartial place to discuss Fintech then I think many people would find this manufactured rivalry off putting.

As I will likely do.

I don’t for one second advocate heavy handed moderation or censorship but objectively looking at whether or not a post furthers the goals and objectives of the community isn’t unreasonable.

I get that Danny was being sarcastic but to anyone visiting this forum for the first time there is an entire thread about people winding up the old man next door and running away when he shakes his fist and shouts “get off my lawn”

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Sorry to link back to monzo, but check out the last few posts. Do any other banks do this? I’ve never known this to be displayed from any bank I’ve used before.