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N26 do it. I sent money from N26 to Monzo and that arrived with the reference ‘Sent from N26’.

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Not those posts, the ones talking about the recipient receiving the sender’s sort code and account number
Are there any rules on this? @daedal

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That thread is a joke, who bloody cares what it says. :roll_eyes:

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Yes I get bank details of people that transfer to me on Monzo

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I’ve not known another bank to display this

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Banks probably choose not to display this (for now)

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Starling have it as the default option when sending payments

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You’ve missed the point, I’m not talking about the reference

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For privacy reasons I’d think.

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Metrobank used to display my full address when making bank transfers so this is nothing


Technically when you send a bank to bank payment, the bank sends your details and the reference to the receiving account. Most banks choose to not display the account details of the sending account.

It also does not fall under the scope of GDPR as the whole UK banking system is based on sort code and account number which actually isn’t personally identifying. The most you can identify is a branch.

I’m sure the British Bankers Association did a report on GDPR that was ICO approved, or one of the press releases discussed it.

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That isn’t how you spell beating:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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Thanks, my concern would be that some identity checks online ask for some digits from your bank account number to help prove your identity. As there is no need to display the information, why bother


Not sure what anyone can find out with some digits of your bank account number, banks don’t pass that on to other companies. They don’t even give it to Mastercard or Visa when they issue cards.

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I had to use that to identify myself to HMRC via experian


It’s a pointless thing. Experian don’t have your bank account number. Lots of organisations ask for a few digits from your bank account number.

What its doing is cross referencing the information. It’s not personally identifiable.


I think we should just lock any threads related to outside forums. Casual references to them for sure should be OK within topics but we should avoid derailing.

My Monzo forums account is gone and I’m going to strive to be as objective as possible in the future, regarding all banks. I’ll be doing this from a perspective of product quality and I’ll try not to rattle on about the ethics or lack thereof

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Exactly so someone could use it to aid impersonating you, exactly why your asked to provide it to cross check


If anyone wanted to find out details about you, its not hard to do. More things to worry about than someone getting your account number. You need a lot more details than that to do any harm. Just your age for example is more use than a bank account number.

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I agree. Just seems silly to show it when absolutely no need to.
It’s also showing organisations details that don’t provide these