The Monzo Forum thread


Is this the point where I say this thread should be locked as its pointless? :joy:


What did they say when they got back to you? I’m surprised they actually deleted it totally and didn’t just anon it.


To be honest I’m unsure what they did but it logged me out and my account did indeed die. Quotes still appear with my handle though, but eh, I don’t think I care enough to chase it up since I can’t dm Richard anymore.

If it comes down to it (things become problematic due to my anti-socialism comments) I’ll just change handles again

Edit: nevermind Richard messaged me saying he’d do it right away and I’d be able to contact him if needed via email


I received a message from Simon saying I’m banned for 2 weeks. Probably the best thing, and it’ll give me the opportunity to use other boards where you can actually have a decent discussion.


It did seem you was getting too emotionally involved, so probably a good decision from Monzo.


I don’t disagree - Therefore It’ll be a good opportunity to forget about them and focus on boards where differences of opinion don’t get shut down. That’s what I like so much about this board - It’s neutral and there’s no bias towards any one specific company.

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Could be worse, you could be this guy

[a guy who posted that he was the CEO of a proposed new pre-paid card service - ed]



As in the ban

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Last time I posted someone’s community profile it got deleted for… I don’t even know… but just know i’d have countered that with “Or this guy” and SimonB’s profile…


I wonder if they’ll do anything against any of the pro-Monzo lot though? - Considering I had a comment flagged just for saying Monzo could take a lot of inspiration from Revolut’s metal offering for the Monzo plus.


In fairness: that post was off topic in that thread (I know: other posts in that thread were, too, but two wrongs don’t make a right, as they say…)

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Nah, it’s like that by design, it means they can go to the press and say “look how great we are, our community is integral to who we are and look how much everyone loves us on there.”, it’s part of their marketing which is why they’re so incredibly controlling. The press are so overworked/underpaid like most people so they then just go on for a couple of minutes, see the usual suspects raving about how the sun shines out of their rear, and voila you have a few whole paragraphs in the article about how their community is a model all others should follow. You see it time and time again.

I’m still astonished that Fintech insider held them up as an example of how to do a community, although given one of the hosts Co-founded Monzo it makes sense why they just parrot the PR lines rather than actually doing some journalism and looking into some of the many failings.

It really seems like this thread will never die :joy::joy::joy:

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I posted it due to the ban length


This is always a difficult one to judge.

Monzo (as the company/moderators) can’t exactly punish “pro Monzo” people for stating a pro Monzo opinion :joy:

I do know some pro Monzo trolls who have been suspended in the past - But that’s more because they are posting off topic ridiculous posts, rather than constructive conversation.

I definitely think they need a restructure of the Coral Crew - Mainly because a lot of them don’t contribute at all anymore, others look to be a little disconnected, and a couple are just power hungry.

That being said, having been a “mod” on the Starling forum, it’s not always easy to give an unbiased opinion, especially when the bank has told you things that perhaps isn’t public knowledge.

That hour of you knowing something before it’s made public can feel like a lifetime on a forum! :joy:

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I think Monzo should just scrap the ‘Coral Crew’ it has a stupid name and serves no purpose.

If they want someone to manage the forum e.g. delete, merge and hide topics etc. then they should just hire people internally for this instead of relying on members to do it this way everyone will be the same on there.

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The Monzo forums are such an odd place I’ve never felt any desire to sign up. Starling’s decision to close theirs still rankles, but compared to the trainwreck some threads on Monzo’s turn into I’m now wondering if actually they made a wise decision. (Disclaimer, not all threads, not all posters, etc.)

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I’ve just posted to that thread to suggest that the rules are applied fairly to both critics of Monzo and their supporters.


One thing I don’t get is - If they ban somebody’s account, what is stopping them from signing up with a different email just to cause trouble again?

Not that I advocate doing it, but theoretically isn’t that a flaw? or do they ban the IP too?


I doubt they ban the IP, but it’ll be pretty obvious.

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Nothing can stop them from making a new account however the writing style would give them away. As for IP banning, most pointless thing in the world.