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Richard Cook is the one who dishes out all the bans ultimately, in my experience.

For what it’s worth I recommend all of you guys that get banned for any length of time to have your accounts deleted like I did. Much less stressful to spend my days on Twitter looking at cute girls :heart_eyes::ok_hand:t2:

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It was indeed Richard Cook

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I’ve asked them to point out where my post broke the terms, but surprisingly haven’t heard anything back

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They will just say you were negative against something.


The forum has always been pro Monzo, i know its their own forum, but its like obsessively pro, anything negative you can’t win, I read it for a laugh most of the time, sometimes I post, but I try not to that often, always someone jumping on you for your opinion.

You are either a Monzo Fanboy in that case you won’t be banned or told off, or you are not. If you are not, take the telling off with a pinch of salt and move on.

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I have a funny feeling that what we are now posting here ultimately affects what happens to us over there.


You’d be correct. When I got permanently banned they accused me of posting conversations between us “on other forums” or something like that. Not that they could prove the same person is controlling both accounts :face_with_monocle: could be my IRL friend on another :joy:

Regardless their product still isn’t great so I won’t be going back anytime soon!


Your comments were the very definition of trolling, unfortunately like the majority of your posts on the Monzo forum which can be quite clearly seen on your forum history , inflammatory and provocative - you don’t get banned for your first digression so you have presumably been warned before for your provocative comments :slight_smile:

Your post was -
They are trying to make a profit, so spenilding £100k’s unlocking pots isn’t good for them, even if they sold it as great feature to help their users handle money just a few months ago

I have resisted coming on this forum as it is quite clearly a lot of ex Starling forum members who still want to continually have a pop at Monzo and ironically the “Monzo fanboys” :slight_smile: on the Monzo forum and on this forum as shown in this thread and other Monzo topics on this forum, then expect to not be chastised for it on the Monzo forum and come back on this forum with complaints of how unreasonable the moderators are being, but want to have free range on any comment they may wish to make on the Monzo forum.

Its quite toxic for any forum , just as it was between Starling and Monzo forums previously , it doesn’t help improve a product , its not constructive criticism, its destructive to each community, and puts people off posting and getting involved in the forum, but if that is what floats your boat, as it quite clearly is in my opinion, carry on being destructive and putting people off joining in a discussion, they don’t want to enter a forum for an argument, they have twitter for that .


Could you have a word with your relative, Ian?

I’m not going to throw shade, but the goal of Monzo is “making money work for everyone”.

Monzo isn’t going to come near this goal when it can’t even help people save effectively, at the very least.

It also can’t do this while it robs them for an overdraft.

If Monzo drops the pretenses and stops trying to be “the bank for the commoner but will stab him when he’s low on money”, then I’ll open an account again :sweat_smile:

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Hmmm not seeing the ban-worthy bit, but maybe you had to be there…


I mean, I see locked pots as a genuinely really good feature that Monzo had, although not one I’d use. But I’m good at handling money, so eh.


why can’t it help people save effectively ? I know exactly what I spend where I spend it and how often - pre “challenger banks” this didnt happen - that helps me manage my money , think about what the banks were like pre monzo , pre starling , the banks couldn’t give a toss about their customers saving


I see little advantage in leveraging @anon9822390 for inside family information. To all intent and purposes, he’s a user like the rest of us.

Perhaps Ian can contribute to this forum and balance the opinions out somewhat?

People have an axe to grind with Monzo, but 99% of that seems to be forum related - Remove the forum and you remove a lot of the issues people have.

Let’s look at things from a different perspective and add more voices to the mix :grin:

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Am I a monzo fanboy?


I can know how much I spend and where I spend it, but features like savings via roundups and some friction when withdrawing money are the kind of things that truly help people save!

It makes it little and often, but when you’re tempted to take it out, makes it awkward enough that you might not bother!


unfortunately to my mind that’s not what is happening on this forum , which is why I was reticent about joining it and probably won’t contribute much because at the end of the day I don’t want a continual argument with other “…fanboys” - its seems to me from all the Monzo threads here its just a vehicle to bash Monzo


If pointing out valid criticisms and bias is bashing, then sure. It just happens to be that Monzo are the most spoken about and the most talkative about what they roll out. So when everyone sees a good feature (50p overdrafts, for clarity!) we see “that APR is horrible”


I agree roundups / coin jar great, I don’t personally use them , but if it works for you - , if you then need to be told not to spend it and have friction not to