The Monzo Forum thread


I never said it wasnt a waste of time ( for me - I wouldn’t use it )

what point am I “dodging”


You’ve went for the provocative comment ignoring the actual point :ok_hand:t2: the provocative comment is so you pay more attention to the point of the post

My point is perhaps you should have a word with your relative, as I understand because it’s plastered on your Monzo forum account and maybe point out that Monzo was set out to make money work for everyone, not “only those with money”

Either that or tell him to drop the bullshit friendly brand image


Its plastered on my name tag because Ann from Starling had a bit of a spat with me “outing” me as Toms Uncle on several occasions so I thought it was best to just tell everybody Tom was my nephew , that doesnt give me much better insight into Monzo as a business than you.

What do you want me to do storm the offices and bang on the desk at the directors meeting and demand money works for everybody “not just those with money” - grow up mate


This guy trying to make sure his own investment doesn’t tank, so takes up the mantle and pops over to our side.



It gives you a direct line to talk to the one supposedly running the business doesn’t it?

A quiet word with Tom about some of what I’ve said would be more than enough. A whole “don’t get a big head because Monzo has user counts, my dear nephew. Perhaps you should focus on the little guy or at least acknowledge you couldn’t care less about him”

You first :sweat_smile: I’m nothing but civil and reasonable ever

(Derpa Derp) #537

Yes! Do it, film it and post it on YouTube.

Do it and I’ll give you a Mars Bar and a can of Coke :smiley:

(Manda) #538

I really like this forum but i find this thread so toxic.

(sam) #539

What did I say that was untrue?

(sam) #540

Sorry Amanda, I resurrected this as I was a bit miffed at being banned without valid reason.
It turns out the one who took a dislike to my post may hold some sway at monzo so maybe that explains things.


This is a perfectly valid topic because people have concerns about the forum and it’s clearly an important part of monzo.


I see your point, but once upon a time, it was the Monzo forum that was constantly bashing the Starling forum, and if you showed the 2 forums to an outsider, they’d think the Monzo people were jerks.

Now though… I’m afraid the Monzo forum gets too much attention on here.

Talk about Monzo and their blogs etc, talk about the features you like or dislike and so on.

But I personally think that talk of their forum just makes THIS forum look bad.

I’m on both, and I enjoy both. But I’m not sure I’d want to join this forum if I saw the comments on this thread.

(Dave) #544

@anon9822390 I would like you to stay on this forum as we have a lot of other interesting threads. Although it was set up in response to Starling closing their own forum I’ve actually found it to be a good forum on the whole with a broader range of banking topics. The smaller number of users also makes it easier to get to know people’s style of contribution better.

As for the Monzo bashing - anyone who wants to do that for fun rather than to be constructive - I can just ignore them (and do). I can just read other topics.

For the record, I’ve got a Monzo account and invested in the last round. I don’t use my Monzo account as it doesn’t do what I need yet. I’ve got a Starling account (personal and business), they don’t really appeal at the moment either. I use Nationwide - a bit old school perhaps, but I like the additional features they have that neither Monzo or Starling have.

But give this forum a try and read some of the other topics - you might be pleasantly surprised :slight_smile:


I have said before that @Recchan for example is very young yet we have @anon9822390 telling him to grow up. I don’t expect him to know that but let’s have some perspective.

I have made plenty of comments that could be considered niave but I’m younger than a lot of people on here.

People like @Recchan and @supersam do not bother me in the slightest. Good for them for questioning things. I do have to ask why others are bothered so much?

Investors in monzo telling us not to criticise monzo and people here accepting that is quite bizarre. This is a forum independent of starling and monzo. If we can’t raise valid criticisms then what is the point.


For what it’s worth - Ian was the one (assuming, one of a few) who highlighted a post by @supersam that subsequently got him banned from the Monzo forum.

That’s how this all started, and why @anon9822390 came on to tell his side of it.

Was the post ban worthy? No.

But to use some football analogy, it would be like Vinnie Jones making a tough tackle that was borderline OK, but after being warned 30 times before that he’s crossing the line.

Poor Vinnie gets a yellow card in a situation where others might get off scott free.

But if you aren’t a customer of Monzo and have no particular desire to be one, why would you even bother contributing to their forum?

I don’t go on Android forums and say how fragmented it is (because I’d get eaten alive!)

Principle applies here.

(sam) #547

Hi @nick
Yep I have cass’d my account away from monzo.
This doesn’t mean I’m not interested in what they’re doing.
In the past week or so I have posted on there quite a bit, many users have found my posts helpful, as with logic and maths rather than rhetoric I have shown why small shops don’t like taking card payments under £5, why the daily charge overdraft model is unfair, why you should be careful when agreeing to new terms and conditions, etc etc
I’ve been a constructive member of the forum and have received many likes because people find my posts helpful.
I cannot see anything in the post that got me banned, resembling a hard tackle, others have said worse below and above my post. I was merely stating facts, then I went on to make two posts suggesting ways to improve or use the product, one of which was misquoted by another poster to make me look as if I was defaming monzo users.
If I wanted to go for a hard tackle, I could have said that it’s not in monzos interest for users not to spend all their money from their locked pots, after all they would earn a cut of the card fees and then upto 900% interest while theyre in their overdraft. I refrained as I didn’t believe that to be constructive.


I wouldn’t worry about it @supersam as anything that can be interpreted as a criticism is jumped upon even though its just stating the reality. I’ve dealt with it myself.


Hey Sam,

I’m not one to judge, but sometimes a reputation can be gained when the tone or intent of the message isn’t always clear.

It’s infinitely harder to judge online, and seemingly innocent posts can be read the wrong way.

I’m not concerned with what people want to do, as long as their intent is constructive, then crack on. :grinning:

(sam) #550

True. Must remember to use emoji




(Dave) #552

Very true.

I was given this advice when I first started working remotely in chat rooms with colleagues - even before I said anything controversial :slight_smile: