The Monzo Forum thread

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A number of flags have been raised on this thread. I have judged them all against the community guidelines and I upheld precisely zero of them.

I have made my views perfectly clear on a) pointless ‘our forum is better than your forum’ playground antics and on b) this forums attitude to freedom of speech.

With that last line in mind, I find the fact that some are now trying to forcibly involve me in this childish pissing contest by evolving a flame war into a flag war to be quite detestable.

The fact that some people - active on this thread - don’t seem to see that they are guilty of practising everything they accuse Monzo forum users of is truely staggering.

My honest reaction is simply to say: “Grow up…”

I am asking you all now to consider the following before continuing this ‘debate’…

  • Am I actually adding to the conversation?
  • Is my tone correct - and by correct, I specifically mean be civilised or don’t bother.
  • Am I making criticism of an idea or a person (or a group of people) - if so, don’t!
  • Is this a knee-jerk reaction? - go outside for 5.

This community will be what we make of it. Be mindful that this thread already looks pretty bad to outsiders - please don’t make that worse.


Quite right @liam.

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I wonder if the people flagging are ‘ghost users’

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A good post @Liam

I have stayed out of this discussion not because I do not want to contribute but because of the “passion” that people are showing.

I think for me, this forum should show restraint and have good debate without turning this into a playground environment. This is not aimed at anyone and I would not say that how others feel about things is wrong.

In relation to Monzo, I think that for the majority of people who do use it like it, otherwise they would not be using it. How many are using it as this is the first Fintech company they were introduced to I am not sure. I started my Fintech journey with Monzo in the prepaid days before discovering through the forums Starling who I feel are a better fit for me and so I have stuck with them.

For me, looking from the outside in, Monzo desperately need to make it profitable but the strategic thinking has not been clear enough from the outset. The direction looks confused i.e. lets release this feature- then pull it or water it down then lets jump to the next one and do the same thing.

It’s like the business accounts, the only reason I can see is they rushed something out was so that they had a business offering to apply for the grant from the RBS funds. Again this is not clear strategic thinking but knee jerking.

The Monzo plus is a weird one for me, I agree it seems to go against there initial “make it work for everyone” but what I think is happening is that actually as the business matures and the users grow they may need to relaunch their vision as it will have undoubtedly changed from the small start up. If there are people who love the Monzo brand and what to pay for a card and some sticker then that’s a decision for them. I think sometimes it is the messaging from some of this decisions/new launches which makes a lot of us question it. However people in general are not stupid, if a product does not work for them after the honeymoon period they will move with their feet anyway.

I think they thought the Marketplace would be where they make the money and they are probably finding that is actually a lot harder in practice and although they will get there it is probably a slow burner.

All of this coupled with the pressure from Investors is what is likely to be driving some of what can appear confused decision making. The issue to a certain extent, is that Monzo are doing a lot of this in public. I think as time has gone on Starling’s decision to close the forum does look a sensible business decision. Now I do not think Monzo can do that as they have effectively gone to market as a social/tech platform which does banking.

Do I think they are doing some things wrong- yes I do which is why I chose to move away from them. Do I think they are a good force for the Banking world- yes I do.

We are all invested somehow in the Fintech world but I like the sensible discussion continue here rather than the Fanboy forums at Monzo. I hope we can make this place somewhere where we can all have our say without the instant playground retort.

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I don’t think it is investors pushing for these additions I think it is just a case of other Fintechs have done it so we better do it as well then realising that their version just fails due to it just being rushed and half baked or is not accepted by users so pull it.

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Probably a poor choice of words there on my part. I meant the pressure from Investors in regards to profitability not that they were having a direct impact in the features or decision making.

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Like @Dave_Alderton above, I was first introduced to Monzo’s prepaid card then discovered Starling and found they were a better fit for me. A few things such as overdraft charges, foreign ATM charges, etc. made the difference for me but, other than that, I just really preferred the look and feel of the app.

That said, I think Monzo have done a great job in disrupting the banking industry and their growth has been phenomenal. I think the way they have created fans of the brand is an unmitigated marketing success - you can’t buy that type of advertising. Companies would do well to take a leaf out of their book.

I enjoy some of the banter between Monzo and Starling advocates and join in to an extent. I know people think I’m very critical of Monzo on their forum but I was exactly the same with Starling on theirs, when necessary. Constructive criticism should be welcomed. Perhaps Monzo do welcome it but a vocal minority of users tend to jump on anything negative about Monzo, which I think generates the bad feelings a lot of people have about the forum.

What I don’t like to see is when things get personal. I think it was good that @anon9822390 signed up here to give a different perspective and I would welcome more interaction on here from him and many of the other people in the Monzo community. I stood up for @camy_93 on the Monzo forum when I thought it was all getting a bit one-sided and I feel similarly here with regards Ian. We need to make sure that this forum is inclusive and avoid becoming exactly what many of us hate about other online communities.

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You’re right there is so much value in the fan base they have. What bank has ever benefitted from fans before now.
That’s why it’s worrying to see so many disillusioned by the seemingly knee jerk decisions being made. The danger is viral marketing can work both ways. If their biggest fans are becoming starting to question what is going on at monzo then they should be worried

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I don’t like the Monzo forum now which is sad as I’m OG Mondo 2016

I like it here better so lets not fvck it up so it goes the same way as there with constant bans, warnings and flag happy softy’s.

( #562

Comment of the day.


Is that a reference to N26’s anti-fee campaign? :joy::joy:


I think the hardest thing to gauge is whether people are somehow blindly walking into their own personal financial crisis, or whether they understand what Monzo is and isn’t, and are making informed decisions.

For example, one of the biggest criticisms is their overdraft fee policy - Something we, on this forum, can all agree is generally poor.

We place no value in the “ease of understanding” at 50p per day and simply see it as a very high APR when all things are considered (not to mention they don’t take into account the money in pots).

So if that’s the case, why would anyone want to use Monzo? I would like to think I have a fair bit of common sense, yet I use Monzo as my main bank… why?

For starters - I don’t use my overdraft. It’s quite a simple one. They could charge £10 per day if they wanted, and it wouldn’t change a thing for me.

There are numerous other examples where it doesn’t look logical for people to be using Monzo (savings pots is another one).

Why would anyone use a Monzo savings pot? Why? There is such little sense in it.

But… Clearly there are a certain number of people, for whatever reason, who place a price on their happiness when using Monzo.

To them, paying more in OD fees, or losing out on interest in savings accounts may actually be OK, as they enjoy the whole Monzo experience - Who are we to judge and tell them otherwise?

I think it’s absolutely fine to question and challenge when things change - Especially for the worse.

The new change to “locked pots” is a prime example where it’s only right that people challenge and push back on what is a pointless and recessive change.

But I don’t think it’s helpful to throw in every other example where you particularly (not you specifically Sam, but “you” as in, anyone), dislike the way Monzo does things, and effectively build up a portfolio of dislikes and criticisms that come out each time you want to make a point.

Criticising the issue at hand is good and is needed to balance the obvious “Blinkered, pro Monzo bias” on the forum.

Bringing up unrelated issues to bolster your argument against Monzo is less than helpful IMO.

Purely my opinion of course, I don’t expect anyone to agree! :smiley:


I’ve only ever flagged one post here.

It was mine… :joy:

Can’t remember why, I think it was because it wouldn’t delete something I added!


Post flagging hurts me greatly thanks for not flagging mine xoxo

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Wow I’ve just flagged my first ever post over there (one that was not for fun) :joy_cat:


Now you’ll have unlocked the “super cool” first flag badge. :wink: :rofl:


Any relation to this?

For reference… This is what came up when I searched “troll boy” :joy:

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That’s the one lol

Nothing will get done about it tbh, it’s still showing


I love a noob who hits the forum hard.

Always brave to take on the established members!