The Monzo Forum thread

(Derpa Derp) #573

tbh I don’t really care but that was uncalled for also given the fact he tried it with me the other day.

I do hope that someone does something though as that clearly breaks the CoC

(Dan Mullen) #574

Sitting in my car listening to a bit of James Blunt while I eat my lunch, as you do. The song “Hollywood” makes it look like that guy is dancing in perfect time to the music.

( #575

(Dan Mullen) #576

Come on, everyone likes James Blunt! Don’t they…? :thinking:


I would never have taken you for a James Blunt fan!

I quite like him - He’s hilarious on Twitter!

(Derpa Derp) #578

I’m not a fan of James Blunts music but he is a funny guy on Twitter and in interviews

(Dan Mullen) #579

Huge fan of James Blunt! And yes, love reading his Twitter comebacks :grinning:

(Derpa Derp) #580

Enjoy :joy_cat:

(Richard) #581

Used to be a thing on Amazon when you typed in ‘Tedious W*nker’ he was top of the search result…

(Dan Mullen) #582

Hahahaha :rofl:

( #583

This i will give you. Nice chap, sharp wit.

(Manda) #584

I don’t mind James Blunt music.

(sam) #585

I asked for my account to be anonomised at monzo.
I don’t want to be portrayed as an evil troll for simply pointing out some issues and suggesting solutions.
I don’t see the point of reading or posting there at all anymore, as it’s clear some people just want to bury any criticism before anyone reads it.
I’m done with monzo. :partying_face::partying_face::partying_face:


I’m no fan of his music, but I was disappointed to learn that the story about him preventing World War 3 wasn’t entirely true.


@supersam - I apologise for my initial post saying the majority of your posts were inflammatory and provocative , that was factually incorrect , clearly some of them are / were helpful.

I also apologise for it taking this long to correct the inaccuracy , unfortunately as a new member to this forum I had to wait 24 hours (?) to be able to post any more messages after the number of posts I replied to yesterday evening.

(sam) #588

I appreciate you saying that. I think we got off on the wrong foot really.
I’ve never set out to be inflammatory

(Chris Beach) #589

Hopefully a lesson learnt for the Monzo forum admins: if you wrongly ban people from your forum, they will damage your brand reputation outside your forum.

I’m sad that this forum gets caught in the crossfire as @liam has done a great job here and this community is very inclusive and moderated well.

The Monzo forum could avoid further criticism here by unbanning a few contributors, issuing some apologies and being fairer in future.

(Henry) #590

I think this is hits the nail on the head. A good % of users on here came from the Starling forum and the attitude hasn’t changed - if something is good then it will be praised and if it’s bad it will be slated. No one is taking the time to write negative comments because they are malicious, it’s because generally everyone wants these new banks to improve and offer better services. Almost all of the criticism is balanced by that goal.

(Jai Sullivan) #591

Hey guys, I recently decided to join this community after hearing about it a while back. Can’t say I’m that surprised to find this type of thread here! :man_facepalming:t2: Looking forward to some balanced debate and conversations, in the meantime I’m off to lie down in a dark room somewhere.


Is that because your balance is still showing zero dollars? :wink: