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Weirdly, it’s actually showing 1000 shillings now :stuck_out_tongue: Nothing to worry about though!

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Welcome @jai :smiley:

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I can’t tell you how cool I feel to have just @jai as my tag :sunglasses:

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Wow, pre-decimalisation. Your account is having a holiday in a period before 1971.
Good work!

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I was REALLY hoping this was you @Nick, but I’m pretty sure Mrs @Nick isn’t Amy so I won’t bother giving them another click they can use to prove this nonsense is popular, reading and then recoiling in horror that someone actually created such awful content…

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The only clicking I do is to open thread then M M that shit


Say what you want about me, but leave my Amy out of this! :rage:

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What make you think I’ve been doing otherwise?


Oh, just what I hear on the (French) grapevine :wink:

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That’s the only reason I’ve come back home for a minute, give the old liver a rest from the Pinot and Chardonnay…


Has anyone ever seen the Facebook ads for Monzo and the comments on them. Literally everyone I read seems like an advert themselves. Like people who love “how easy I can put a hold on my card” and such stuff that you literally realistically will actually do once in a blue moon. It’s nauseating.


Amazes me that someone can start a new job and then the next day deploy a change to 1.5m users. Assuming it was someone else’s change that was deployed, I wouldn’t have felt comfortable doing it if I didn’t raise the change control, fully understand it, etc.

(Derpa Derp) #606

Maybe it was something small that wouldn’t break anything

(Liam) #607

So long as your review processes are strong enough, that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

I’d assume it would have been a trivial change - there’s a limit to how much you can do on day one.

(Adrian) #608

Probably also had somebody sat behind her telling her what to do and ready to step in if it went wrong.


Exactly. If you have good processes for code review, code release and (crucially) reversal I can’t see any reason why this shouldn’t be happening.

At our company we release multiple times per day. Most fixes are incredibly small, and I couldn’t see a reason why a new developer shouldn’t release on their first day.

I would say that I’d be more concerned about companies that might go to the other extreme: where every release causes fear and nervousness. Releasing code ought to be normal part of a devolpers day (or at least week), in my mind.

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This is probably true for the tweet also. Tristan standing inches from her at her seat seething “it had better sound jolly enough if you want to make it to a week. We don’t have people at Monzo who aren’t high on the sweet sweet love of Monzo and don’t forget it. Remember, you have your induction week blood test next week AND IT HAD BETTER BE PURE HOT CORAL, OR ELSE…”

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Ha this is exactly like trying to get anything promoted to production at my current place of work - you need to sneak it in under covert ops lest some project manager on a distantly related project thinks a single bug fix is going to undo all of the work of their project.


I deployed code to 1.1 billion users on my second day at Facebook. This isn’t unusual

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I just deployed last nights dinner to the world whilst I type this comment, does that count?