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Exactly. If you have good processes for code review, code release and (crucially) reversal I can’t see any reason why this shouldn’t be happening.

At our company we release multiple times per day. Most fixes are incredibly small, and I couldn’t see a reason why a new developer shouldn’t release on their first day.

I would say that I’d be more concerned about companies that might go to the other extreme: where every release causes fear and nervousness. Releasing code ought to be normal part of a devolpers day (or at least week), in my mind.

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This is probably true for the tweet also. Tristan standing inches from her at her seat seething “it had better sound jolly enough if you want to make it to a week. We don’t have people at Monzo who aren’t high on the sweet sweet love of Monzo and don’t forget it. Remember, you have your induction week blood test next week AND IT HAD BETTER BE PURE HOT CORAL, OR ELSE…”

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Ha this is exactly like trying to get anything promoted to production at my current place of work - you need to sneak it in under covert ops lest some project manager on a distantly related project thinks a single bug fix is going to undo all of the work of their project.


I deployed code to 1.1 billion users on my second day at Facebook. This isn’t unusual

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I just deployed last nights dinner to the world whilst I type this comment, does that count?

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Yes it does.

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So long as your release was adequately reviewed and properly sanctioned by your superiors.


So, this just popped up on my Facebook

Am I the only one who thinks this is a bit of a problem?

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Why not take out a loan to top up your crack pot?

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I don’t budget to get off my tits

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Gradually crossing the boundaries between “helpful bank” and “social media spam”…

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Quite a big jump in their tone of voice, trying out being a bit crass for some reason.
The article they linked basically says to buy in bulk to save money on drugs. I wonder if anyone gets caught supplying drugs and trys to blame monzo money tips.

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If I get caught this weekend (which I doubt) I will defo try :joy_cat:

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Does this mean I can start saying I deployed changes to hundreds of thousands of users on a daily basis for a year :thinking: will that help me get a job?

It was a bot for a messenger to help me look up anime information :joy:

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I deploy verbal commands and instructions on a daily basis, would that get me a job?

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Congratulations to Monzo for their award as Best Banking App. While I might not agree with all of their decisions, I do think their app is fantastic and I’ve never found it difficult to use.

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So, when monzo banned me from their forum I started a subject Access request as I wanted to see what had been said about me when I appealed and also what data they still stored on my closed accounts.
Despite saying that they are extra transparent so don’t make you wait till the deadline and process things much quicker, that’s exactly what they are doing. The deadline is Tuesday, so let’s see what happens.
I sent them a reminder two weeks ago and got exactly the same reply from two people saying they are compiling data. It’s clear they are delaying as I only used my card for a few transactions so there shouldn’t be much data to process.

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This keeps getting better :rofl:

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Ha at least that idea isn’t getting much traction…yet.

I’ve not read through that thread for quite a while, it was interesting to see the comments by the shop keeper - taking PayPoint in your shop seems like a crap deal.

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I’m sorry are they are a bank or joke? I realise this might seem silly but we’re talking about banking here.

I put money into my bank account then I save and/or spend it. Pretty much that’s the whole story.

If I have to bribe people or go to extraordinary lengths to bank then surely I go elsewhere.

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