This is the B.B.C. Voice Assistant

Hey Auntie, are you overstepping your remit?

Why? They should knock the profit (if any) off the licence fees for the TV I never watched but was harassed by constant visits into getting. This is simply not what the BBC was created for.

I initially thought it was just for their website and apps. If you activate it through Alexa or Google Assistant it’s not doing the voice processing? I feel like something is getting confused there (even if it is just me).

I think this will hinge on their support for regional accents. Otherwise why not just integrate into existing platforms?

Good old BBC wasting money on things they don’t need to, while cutting other things. BBC Three, Over 75’s TV Licence, just two things of the top of my head.

About time they was stripped of tax payers money and then they can work on any old stuff they wish. But while we pay for it, we should have some say.

Well I don’t pay, the BBC is worthless to me, but that’s for another thread.

I bet they are doing it, so when the next review of the licence comes up, they can say, but we have this amazing technology that is funded by the fee, so don’t cut what we get.


How do you not pay??! They came to my house 4 times, every time I showed him I didn’t have a TV. Honestly, made me livid

TV licensing We discussed it all here.

The BBC was created to entertain, inform and educate. That is its remit. Arguably if this ticks any of those boxes in any way, it’s exactly what it was created for. Sounds like a terrible idea to me, but that’s besides the point.

Indeed, the BBC is a TV and Radio broadcaster… not a tech company… Will our household get a free assistant device with the increased fee!? I doubt it. (I also don’t want one but that’s another more privacy related issue.)

I wouldn’t but the people I live with do, if I lived by myself I would NEVER pay the fee. I don’t watch TV, I watch a large amount of Twitch and YouTube content but I don’t however watch any TV.

No. Because they’re not proposing to build a physical device.

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Maybe not the it’s hard to deny that the BBC iPlayer is one of the best media streaming platforms on the planet


… Yet, they can use our fee to pay for development and licencing it to other devices!?

I wouldn’t know? I don’t use it… I have however had to create an account to login to it on my parents Roku after it kept wanting to know who and where it was being used!

Licencing would then claw back some of the development costs. Sounds like a sensible thing to do that’s good business. If they’re good at licencing, they may earn more than the cost of development which is even better.