Thomas Cooked?

Absolutely, and a good travel agent who knows what they are doing should be able to.

Yes, Brochures are on the way out - but that’s not really a bad thing.

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Not every travel agent is dated. I can work remotely, all my clients have my email address and can email me at whatever time of day.

Some of the technology can be a bit old and clunky some of the time, but its being improved (slowly!).

Although I can say that Viewdata went a couple of years ago!!

Of course, Greece being in the EU means that all flights (even on the cheapest of airlines) have protection that means they will arrange (or refund) accommodation in the event of problems. And even provide cash compensation in the event of technical problems!

That isn’t actually correct. There is no protection on flight only bookings anywhere in Europe.

What you are probably thinking of is EU261, but compensation in the case of more than 3 hour delay or cancellation hinges on a number of conditions.

Airlines are also duty bound to provide overnight accommodation, meals etc if your flight is delayed, but it isn’t protection.

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All European airlines, and all flights leaving Europe, must provide you with food and accommodation in the event your flight is delayed for whatever reason. You’re up a creek without a paddle if they go bankrupt, but Drew’s example is totally covered.

Yes, they do have to provide accommodation, food etc - but that isn’t the same as protection.

Drew’s is, yes as it was covered by an ATOL. The same as if you purchased a flight which was covered by an ATOL - which you can do. Airlines are not required to provide an ATOL on flight only bookings, something which the industry is trying to change.

When the Wife and I went to the US in May, we organised the flights, hire car and hotel separately. I looked at and a couple of other booking sites but in the end, I booked our accommodation with the hotel direct as it worked out almost £60 cheaper. I had to pay a very small deposit online to secure the booking, but that was done on my Starling debit card, in US Dollars. I paid the balance on the room the day we left the hotel, again on my Starling debit card. By that point, the Pound had strengthened against the Dollar slightly, so it worked out a few quid cheaper than if I had booked it weeks before. May 2019 was a good time to go to the US, the Pound has slumped a bit in the intervening two months.

We almost always organise our own package these days except for our all inclusive holidays to the Caribbean which are done direct with the provider over the phone. We haven’t actually booked a holiday through a High Street travel agent in over 15 years. The last time we did actually bother going into one, we’d already priced up the holiday online with Thomson before going into the Thomson travel agent in our town, only to be told that if we booked it in store, the price would go up by over £100 for one of their staff to book it for us. We promptly walked out and booked it online and haven’t bothered with a walk in shop again.


Story rumbling on…

Isn’t the story missing important facts, like its filings in the USA which are just a formality for it to get funds.

Not sure I’d pay if I where this couple

Teacher Jacqui Cunningham and her partner, train driver Angus McNair, from Brentwood, Essex, have booked a holiday to the Maldives with Thomas Cook for December. The luxury trip is to celebrate Ms Cunningham’s recovery from cancer.

They have paid a deposit of £500 and the balance of £8,000 is due by midnight on Friday.

Thomas Cook is, of course, still operating. But their predicament underlines the anxiety many customers are feeling.

Ms Cunningham and Mr McNair called the customer service helpline and asked if they could delay paying the £8,000 until they know that the tour operator is not going to fall into administration. But they were told the deadline remains, or they would lose their £500 deposit.

“We were going to pay on debit card, but now I think we’ll put it on the credit card if we go forward,” Ms Cunningham told the BBC.

“We would like to go on our holiday, but we want to know that they’ll sort out that £200m they’re looking for.”

Always pay for anything like this on credit card!

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Me: “can I split this into 1000 amounts and over the next week while I wait for AmEx to clear my balance”

Me: can I split that across two credit cards because I clearly have a higher credit limit than @Recchan



Part time jobs don’t give you a massive credit limit :joy: I typically book flights separately to hotel

Speaking of which I’m really unsure how I’m meant to pay for 2 weeks of a hotel unless they let me split that payment now lmao

I always got the impression you were fairly comfortably off.

:weary: All my illusions are now ruined… :grin:

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I’m fairly comfortably off in terms of immediate obligations, bank balance and cash flow

But a bank balance doesn’t mean I get a good credit facility… and I only use my credit to buy things and then pay the bill off

So no long-term debt

Oh, absolutely. Haven’t ever not paid it off in full.

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Yeah wouldn’t want to be screwed by the interest, they’d eat away the worth of my Avios real quickly :persevere:

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Looks like they’re now after gov funding

This isn’t going to end well

I think personally they should let TC die, taxpayers shouldn’t be subsidizing a private company not making its balance sheet sturdy enough to account for things

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